Why are more homeowners installing window restrictors?

Once the preserve of official and public sector buildings, window restrictors are now popular amongst homeowners. There are many benefits of installing window restrictors to a home and considering that these devices, which are also known as window locks or cable window restrictors, are low cost and quick and easy to install, it’s not a surprise that they are becoming more popular. We explore the reasons for the popularity of window restrictors below, read on to find out more.

Window Security 
Window restrictors can act as a deterrent to burglars. Did you know that 1 in 5 burglaries are through a window? This isn’t such a surprise when we know that 69% of householders don’t lock upstairs windows and 60% never lock downstairs windows! Indeed, it’s  estimated that 95% of burglaries through windows enter through a window that is unlocked or a window with poor quality locks.

Homeowners who understand the risks of burglary through an unlocked window are installing high quality window restrictors such as the Sold Secure rated Titan window lock.

The Jackloc Titan lockable window restrictor is designed to excel at providing window security; made from steel this window lock can withstand 74 stone and has no cables which can be cut.

We are proud that this British-designed and British-made product is the first window safety restrictor to achieve the Sold Secure accreditation for crime prevention, confirming that The Titan by Jackloc window restrictors are the most secure window restrictors in the world. The award marks the first time that a window restrictor has been officially recognised to help reduce crime by preventing entry through windows.

Preventing Window Falls
Window restrictors can prevent falls from windows. Increasing numbers of parents are installing window restrictors in their homes to keep their children safe by preventing falls from windows.

According to Stanford Children’s health, around 4000 children per year require health treatment after falling from windows.  Children under the ago of 5 are the most likely to receive critical – or fatal – head injuries from falling from a window. Most incidents of children falling from windows occur in spring and summer, when windows are more likely to be open.  As part of Child Safety Week 2023, a West Midlands mum opened up about the accident where her son fell out of the window, an accident that could so easily have been prevented with window restriction methods. She described the accident as “any parents worst nightmare”. Read more about this story here.

To baby-proof your windows you can choose from a wide range of products. You may want to choose a key-operated window restrictor such as the Pro-5 or Pro-5 Duo, these window cable restrictors allow the window to be fully opened with the key. Alternatively, you can choose a keyless twist and push mechanism such as the Perma or Pro-Twist. A consideration with the twist options is that when children get older they might be able to over-ride the window restrictor. In this case, the key-operated window restrictors or the Perma window restrictor might be better for your home.

Awareness of the importance of fresh air
The Covid pandemic reminded us all of the importance of fresh air circulating in our homes, but of course we also know that having windows open is a security and fall risk. Cable window restrictors, lockable window restrictors and steel window lock restrictors all solve the problem of wanting windows open but secure.

Window restrictors are easy to fit
Figuring out how to fit a window restrictor fitting is quick and easy. Read our guide to window restrictor fitting instructions Take a look at our video.

Find out more?
So, now we know the answer to why are more homeowners installing window restrictors. You can shop our window restrictors on our website and if you have any questions please do get in touch.