There is a lot to consider when choosing a window restrictor or cable door restrictor and as the leading manufacturer we have put together this guide to Cable Window Restrictors and door restrictors.

Cable window restrictors are a crucial element in window safety as they enable windows and doors to be opened up to 100mm to prevent falls and prevent entry through a window. By using window restrictors you can open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate, secure in the knowledge that vulnerable people aren’t at risk.

What to consider when choosing a cable window restrictor
You will need to decide whether you need a permanently fixed, push & twist or key release mechanism for your window restrictor. If you choose a key mechanism make sure that you place the key out of reach of any vulnerable people or children.

As cable window restrictors are a safety and security product it’s essential that you are sure they have been thoroughly tested to the appropriate standards. Jackloc window restrictors are trusted by hotels, care homes, healthcare providers and home owners all over the world and are tested to British Standards. You can read more about these standards and why they matter here  

How to fit the window restrictor cable for 100mm opening 
Fitting cable window restrictors is a very quick and easy task. They can be fitted to wooden and UPVC window frames. You only need a drill and a pencil; here’s how to fit the cable to get a maximum window opening of 100mm:-

  • Open the window
  • Set the window opening to 100mm
  • Position the lock where it’s taut on the frame
  • Mark the holes with a pencil and then drill pilot holes

Window restrictors of different lengths
Our standard window restrictors can be used at 89 – 100mm, if you would like a different size opening for your windows, or if you have windows or doors that require different cable lengths please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fitting Window Restrictors
Our fitting window restrictors guide shows just how quick and simple a DIY task it is, take a look to see just how simple it is.