Can I get a replacement key for my Jackloc?

Yes you can. If you have moved into a property where a Jackloc is fitted and there are no keys, or if you have lost your key we can sell you a copy if you own the property or have landlords consent. Please call us on 01455 220616 and we will manage this for you.

Can I use normal screws or do I have to fit the security screws which come with my Jackloc?

We provide Grade 4 security screws as standard with each Jackloc in order to provide maximum window safety and security. The screws cannot be drilled out, and do not weaken at the same rate as traditional screws which is why we use them.

Because of this, our 10 year Jackloc guarantee is only valid on Jacklocs that have been fitted with the security screws provided. Traditional screws can be used, but please note that the Jackloc guarantee will not be added.

Can I screw a Jackloc into a UPVC frame?

Yes you can. You can screw or drill the screws into the frame as normal.

There are different types of UPVC frames some come with steel reinforced chambers, where the screws will benefit from greater anchorage. If you have UPVC windows with hollow chambers then our screws will still function, but we stress, you should carry out regular checks to ensure the Jackloc is still safely secured to the frames.

Will fitting a window restrictor damage my window?

A Jackloc, or any retrofitted window restrictor, is fixed to the window frame with screws that will show holes if you were to remove it. However, Jacklocs are designed to last for over 10 years so will protect your windows whilst needed.

Will fitting a Jackloc affect my window warranty?

Please check with your window manufacturer regarding any impacts on warranty. A high-quality restrictor supplied by Jackloc will not impact the performance of the window.

How do I measure the 100mm gap opening?

To correctly measure the gap, open the window before fitting the restrictor. Measure a gap of 100mm with a measuring device and then position the lock where it’s taut on the frame. You can then mark and drill the pilot holes to achieve a 100mm gap opening. For young children, we recommend only an 89mm gap and using the same methodology.

Can Jacklocs be used on top hung velux windows?

Yes, all of our Jacklocs can be fitted to inward opening windows. Simply position the lock on the side of the frame of the window to set the 100mm gap.

For more information on fitting a window restrictor to an inward opening window, read our guide here.

What does “tested to 3400 newtons” mean?

This is the weight measurement that our independent testing house uses. The relevant British Standards state that a window restrictor should hold 600 Newtons but we test to exceed this in order to make windows as safe and secure as they possibly can be.

Where can I find fitting instructions?

You will receive fitting instructions with your Jackloc and can also find them on each individual product page on our website. Please also take a look at our videos for more information.

Can I buy a combination of different types for different windows?

Yes you can buy a maximum of 12 Jacklocs in each category. Simply add them to the Shopping Cart and the delivery quote will automatically be adjusted.

Can I use a window restrictor on a door?

Yes, you can. We would recommend the Pro 5 Duo for patio doors as the cable can be removed if you would like the door to be fully opened.

How can I replace a lock if the key is broken or lost?

Please get in touch with our team and we will provide you with a cost for a replacement.

Will a Titan fit on a chamfered window?

Yes. The Titan comes with a variety of spacers in different sizes, and different screw lengths so most window frames can be accommodated. We are happy to have a look at your windows in question via a no-obligation free video survey, simply contact us and we’ll have a look.

Can cables be shortened?

Yes cables can be adjusted if required. Our team will work with you to provide the best solution for you.

Can cables be lengthened?

All of our cable products are tested with a 200mm cable. However we can lengthen a cable up if required. Please contact our team for more information. To help prevent children and vulnerable adults from falling we would always recommend a 100mm gap maximum in these situations.

Can Jacklocs be used for pets?

Yes, Jacklocs can be used to create a gap to provide fresh air whilst keeping indoor pets inside.

Can I get a Jackloc painted in a different colour?

Yes, we offer our Pro 5, Pro Twist and Titan by Jackloc products in white, black, brown and grey as standard. We can also RAL match our products if required and have done so for many projects. Please get in touch with our team for more information.

How can I remove the screw cap cover?

The screw cap cover is a cosmetic cover to hide the screws. To remove, simply use a sharp object to release the cover.

I don’t know what lock to use, can you help?

Of course! Our team are fully trained and happy to provide a no-obligation video site survey or answer your queries by phone or email. Please get in touch with our team for more information.

Can Jacklocs be used on egress windows?

Some building regulations specifically state that an egress window must be unrestricted. Our Pro Twist product does not require a key and therefore can be manually opened in an emergency on an egress window. Fire officers have also advised clients that in the event of an emergency and a person being trapped in a room, their main route into the room will always be to break the glass to obtain access.

We strongly advise you risk assess the likelihood of a possible fall from a window versus the likelihood of a fire trapping somebody in a room.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Please either contact us or request a shipping quote via our product pages and we will get back to you with delivery details.

How do I get a quote for a bulk order?

Simply “Contact Us” via our website form or our email with the quantities that you are looking for, and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Do you offer free delivery?

Our courier services are for a fixed fee depending on how many Jacklocs you buy.

When will my Jackloc come if I order it on the website?

We offer a next working day mainland delivery service for all orders received by 3pm. UK Islands typically take 1-5 days to arrive depending on the location. We use a courier service to manage our deliveries. We ship internationally and can provide a shipping quote on request, simply request one on our product pages.

My payment has failed, what can I do?

Please call our office on 01455 220616 if you have any problems paying online and a team member will be able to take your details securely over the phone.

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