We are a business committed to providing the safest solution for open windows. With design and safety at our core, we strive to reduce the number of accidental falls worldwide.

Why choose Jackloc window restrictors?

Why choose Jackloc window restrictors video

Our Customer Promise

We promise to deliver the highest quality products and service in order to provide our customers with the safest and most secure window solutions.

Our vision and values

Our company values are core to our business. We recruit staff, design products and manage relationships with these values in mind every step of the way. And put together, our values make Jackloc.

Exceeding standards

What do standards really mean? We ensure that all Jackloc products exceed every single British Standard test requirement.

Static load test

This is the most common test where products are tested on how many force they can hold for one minute. The British Standards state that window restrictors should hold a force of 350 newtons. The Jackloc products range from holding a force of 2,117 newtons (34 stone) up to 4,800 newtons (74 stone).

Impact test

An impact test measures the force of impact against the window sash, which simulates the window being impacted by a person. To do this, the test measures the impact of a 50kg force dropped from varying heights. To achieve a Grade 1 pass in line with British Standards, the window restrictor should not be detached from the window and must remain engaged and fully functional after the 50kg force is dropped from 200mm height. The Jackloc products all passed at Grade 2, where the weight was dropped from 300mm.

Percussion test

The percussion test measures the resistance the window restrictor provides in the course of repeated force. To do this the window restrictor is impacted at its most vulnerable point three times, with a 0.3kg head attached to a 0.6kg arm. The restrictor needs to remain engaged and not be detached from the window during the testing process. All Jackloc products have achieved passes in this test procedure.

Our Team

Eric Collins

Managing Director

I assumed the role of Managing Director of Jackloc in 2019. I wanted a new opportunity, I wanted to invest in an exciting, vibrant business. I wanted to see something grow. These are some of my reasons, but probably what you’d expect me to say.

But I am also passionate about working with quality products, particularly those that reinforce safety and security in families and in the workplace.

I have children who are grown up now, but I remember very well when they were exploring and had little awareness of risk at home. Sadly, my Mum suffered from Dementia and spent her final years in care, when her vulnerability needed to be safeguarded. I’ve also headed up large corporations and had responsibility for the colleagues I worked with, so providing safe and secure environments for others has always resonated. When the opportunity came up to invest in Jackloc, I grabbed it with both hands.

My mission, along with the team, is to make window safety and security a “normal” conversation, to have window restrictors fitted to windows where people can still explore without the risk of an accidental fall, and for everyone that wants to keep their homes or businesses as secure as possible. In doing this I want to demonstrate to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that we truly care about people and the experience they have interacting with Jackloc. Because ultimately, I want to make a difference and for Jackloc products and the service that we offer, to provide total peace of mind above anything else.

To ensure some balance in my life, I enjoy spending time with my wife, walking our dog, called Rolo, to get that important daily exercise. I am a life-long suffering Tottenham Hotspur fan and have been lucky enough to have held season tickets for over 20 years, witnessing the occasional highs that come with following your team.

Jit Singh


Being a corporate lawyer for over 30 years,  I have dealt with thousands of businesses and helped many of them through the whole spectrum of challenges typically faced by owners throughout their period of ownership. I am very selective about which businesses  I choose to become associated with – they have to demonstrate business integrity, have market leading products or processes and importantly a commitment to excellence.

I saw all of that in Jackloc along with huge additional potential to develop, which is what drove my decision to become involved in the company. I am excited to help Jackloc expand and achieve its potential.

Sam Brown

Sales Manager

Sam is responsible for looking after our trade accounts, whilst generating new business in the field. Sam is a friendly face who is most often seen out and about talking passionately about the quality that the products bring to the marketplace, and sharing key information about the products.

When not in the office or meeting clients, Sam is an avid cyclist and spends many a weekend on the road!



Jayne Tidey

Office Administrator

Jayne is the key support to the Jackloc team, fulfilling all sales enquiries and orders, and managing the day to day operations across our accounts. Jayne is a stickler for detail and turns her hand to a multitude of tasks during any given day, making time at weekends for family, walking and a spot of Badminton and swimming!

The Jackloc Timeline

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