Window restrictors in residential and supported housing environments

Choosing the right window restrictor for a residential housing site has never been more important than today, with recent instances of children falling from windows in council-managed residences, and security a concern for adults living in ground floor accommodation.

Jackloc window restrictors provide security and peace of mind for residents. Window openings are restricted to 100mm, allowing fresh air into the accommodation whilst keeping residents safe inside.

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there’s no “one size fits all” solution. No matter what the requirement or sill size, we have a Jackloc product that will work in any accommodation.

We have worked closely with councils, Housing Groups and Facilities Managers to provide tailored, safe and secure solutions for their residents.

Pr0-5 cable window restrictor

Safety and security

When it comes to your residents, we know that safety and security are of the upmost importance.

We’ve built each Jackloc to be the best in the market. Each Jackloc is tested to provide a strength of four times the recommended British Standards requirements. Our Titan product can hold a force of 74 stone, that’s the equivalent of five adult males.

With a restrictor, the window will open to 100mm, allowing airflow whilst keeping children and vulnerable adults safe from falls. Jackloc window restrictors come with a standard 200mm cable length and custom cable lengths can be manufactured upon request.

A Jackloc can also provide additional security and peace of mind for residents on ground floor levels of buildings. Windows can open to provide airflow, but not enough to gain access to the property. Our product was tested by forty locksmiths who were unable to pick the lock within 30 seconds.

At Jackloc, we believe that it is time for a review in social housing legislation so that UK local authorities, housing associations and landlords are brought into line with the health and social care sector’s stringent approach to window safety.  Read more about this campaign.

Jackloc don't just meet standards. We set them.

Window restrictor standards

“Quality product and amazing service”

Jiniesh Chavaramplakal

Senior Quantity Surveyor, Pro-Fit Windows and Doors Ltd

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    We provide a 10 year warranty against faulty manufacture as standard.

  • Experience

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