Keyless window restrictors provide security and safety in any setting. Sometimes these are called window restrictors non-lockable. They prevent falls from windows, prevent access through windows from the outside, and allow fresh air in. Read our guide to keyless window restrictors and discover which option will be right for you.

Choosing a Keyless Windowless Window Restrictor

We have two styles of keyless window restrictors and the right option for you depends on your needs.

Perma Cable Window Restrictor
This option is permanently in place and can’t be over-ridden until it’s removed, which prevents tampering and accidental release. The result is unrivalled window security while still allowing windows to be opened 100mm to allow in fresh air without the risk of falls and intruders.

The Perma cable window restrictor is a popular choice in hotels and health care and education settings where there’s an emphasis on duty of care and where the windows should not be opened wider than the 100mm allowed by the restrictor.

Pro-Twist  Cable Window Restrictor
The Pro-Twist keyless window restrictor enables you to choose whether to have the restriction in place or not. Whenever you want to over-ride the 100mm restriction to open the window wider you can do so from the inside using the push and turn lock and release mechanism.

The push and turn bullet provides allows the window to be fully opened if required, while preventing falls and providing home security when locked.

This option is popular in homes, especially those where young children or vulnerable people might not always be present or where security is the over-riding concern. While the restrictor is in the ‘locked’ position you can be confident that the window will not be able to be forced open any wider than 100mm.

If you like to be able to open your windows wide, especially in light of the Covid pandemic which has reminded us of the importance of getting fresh air into rooms, the Pro-Twist keyless window restrictor or a key-operated window restrictor will be the choice for you.

Reliable Cable Window Restrictors

Both of these keyless window restrictor devices are made by Jackloc in the UK and are strong and reliable. In testing, they are proven to hold a force of 3,600 newtons, which is the equivalent of 58 stone, so you can be confident that they will protect against accidental falls and against deliberate forcing from the outside.

The strength of the Jackloc Perma and Pro-Twist window restrictors comes from the superior design which includes steel reinforced parts and security screws. Jackloc window restrictors far exceed required British Standards and are designed, manufactured and tested in the UK.

Both options are suitable for most windows and are quick and easy to fit to uPVC, Timber and Aluminum frames.