Window restrictor fitting instructions – How to fit window restrictors

If you have been considering how to install a window restrictor this guide is for you. Maybe you have been considering a window restrictor but have been put off by the thought of complicated fitting take a look at our window restrictor fitting instructions. No longer do you need to ask yourself “how to fit a window restrictor” here’s the guide to installing window restrictors.

Window restrictors allow the width to which a window opens to be restricted, which is useful for security as well as for the safety of children and other vulnerable people. This step by step guide shows how quick and easy it is to fit a window restrictor with just some basic DIY skills and a few minutes.

To fit a window restrictor you will need:

Fitting window restrictors is very simple, you will need:-
Flat head screwdriver
Note that the Jackloc window restrictors are provided with hardened steel security clutch screws, which once fitted can not be removed, but alternative screws can be used if preferred.

Window Restrictor Fitting Instructions

We recommend you fix Part B (the lockable part) to the fixed frame, cill or wall and Part A (with the restrictor cable) to the opening window frame.

To fit part B: Place Part B on the fixed window frame or wall and mark the drill holes with a pencil. Next drill the pilot holes for Part B with a 3mm drill bit and then screw in the screws with a flat head screwdriver.

Check Part B is securely attached to the window frame.

To fit Part A : Measure the required distance you would like the window to be restricted to from Part B, Health & Safety regulations and guidance recommend a maximum 100mm opening. Mark the drill holes for Part A with a pencil. Close the window and drill the pilot holes and then  screw in the screws with a flat head screwdriver. Place the supplied screw caps covers in Part B.

Maintaining the Jackloc
Once you’ve installed the window restrictor it’s important to keep it in good working order by following the following simple steps.

1. Clean the body and cable components occasionally with a damp cloth only.
2. Frequently check that the key lock or push button where relevant, operates and spray lubricant into the barrel lock as
necessary, and at least every 6 months. Locks that are located in a marine or heavily polluted environment should be sprayed with lubricant every 3 months.

How to Remove a Window Restrictor

To remove a window restrictor, either to replace it, or because it’s no longer needed simply use a screwdriver to remove the two body compartments attached to the opening window frame and the fixed cill, wall or window.

To over-ride a window restrictor so that the window can be opened further than 100mm use either the key supplied or the push and twist mechanism. Note that the Perma window restrictor can’t be over-ridden without removal.

The Jackloc window restrictor can be fitted to most window and door materials and styles including UPVC windows, timber, aluminium and steel.

The Jackloc window restrictor must not be fitted to decaying timber, corroding steel or units that are in disrepair

Prefer a visual for fitting window restrictors? Take a look at our how to fit a window restrictor video