Open window security becomes a key concern as the weather warms up, how can we keep cool in our homes, offices and hotel rooms without opening ourselves to the risk of burglary?

Read on to find out more about ensuring that open windows are safe and secure…

First of all let’s look at the security risks of open windows and our habits.

Home Security Facts

A huge 1 in 5 burglaries are through a window, despite this research from John Lewis Home Insurance found that UK householders are not locking their windows. Here’s what the research uncovered:-

  • Almost seven in ten (69%) don’t lock our upstairs windows.
  • Nearly one third (31%) sleep with the bedroom window open in the summer months.
  • Almost 60% never lock downstairs windows.
  • 20% leave our homes with the downstairs windows open.
  • 12% keep ladders in our gardens, providing burglars with an easy access route to those upstairs windows.

It’s easy to say we should keep our windows locked and closed, but we know that airflow is not only essential for hygiene but also for comfort. Strong window restrictors that allow airflow while preventing entry from outside are an easy open window security solution.

Commercial Property Security Facts

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and of course comfortable employees are happier and more productive, therefore airflow in the summer months is important. However all it takes is for an employee to absent-mindedly leave a window open when they go home in the evening and the consequences could be dire.

37% of small businesses keep equipment worth £10,000 or more on their premises, this includes electronic equipment like computers and laptops, and information such as legal documents and personal data, which if stolen can put companies at risk of fraud, identity theft and GDPR breach. Fitting all windows in the workplace with a window lock is an easy solution to preventing opportunistic burglaries of commercial properties.

Hotel Open Window Risks

For hotel operators theft through an open window can be deeply damaging to the reputation and future bookings. It is all too easy for relaxed guests to leave bedroom windows open when they go out for the day, but if a theft then occurs their can be significant reputational damage to the hotel. There’s also a risk of windows being forced open by intruders.

The safety of guests is also paramount to hotel operators and this extends to windows. Wherever there is a window that can be opened there will be a risk of a fall. It only takes a moment for a child to approach an open window while playing, and a fall even from a ground floor window can have fatal and tragic consequences. However it’s not only children who are at risk, adults leaning on or out of windows are also at risk. Fitting strong window locks can keep guest belongings safe and prevent falls.

What’s the solution for best open window security?

Window restrictors make it possible for us all to enjoy fresh air from open windows at home, in our holiday accommodation and in workplaces without risking our safety and security.

A window restrictor that prevents the window from opening any wider than 100mm provides cooling airflow while preventing anyone from entering through, or indeed falling from the window. A key operated window restrictor is best for workplaces, care homes and hotels – with the key kept by a members of staff, so that employees, guests and residents can’t over-ride the maximum opening.

When choosing a window restrictor it’s important to consider the strength of the products. If the window restrictor is weak a burglar could easily force the window fully open by leaning against it. The strongest window restrictor available is the Jackloc Titan, it’s so secure that it’s the only window restrictor to have been awarded Gold Secure status by the Master Locksmiths Association.

The Titan window restrictor has an incredibly strong steel folding mechanism. It can’t be disengaged without the use of a key and it’s been tested to withstand a force of 4,800 newtons, or the equivalent of five adult males pushing against the window, which exceeds all standard requirements by nearly 10 times. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of open windows all summer, without compromising on safety and security, we recommend the Titan.

Titan – The World’s Most Secure Window Restrictor

Take a look at the video of the Titan