In this article we look at casement window restrictor uses.

Most people will be familiar with casement windows as they are the most common style. A casement window is a window that opens on one or more hinges, as opposed to sash or other sliding windows. Casement windows are usually opened outwards and because the windows are hinged, casement windows are easy to open and close.

Casement window restrictor uses include:-

  • Childproofing
  • Security
  • Safety of vulnerable adults
  • Ventilation

We will look at these in more detail below.


Child Safety

When thinking about babyproofing and childproofing a home it is important to consider windows. It only takes a few moments for a child to climb onto a windowsill and to fall. According, to the Royal Society for the Prevention of accidents (ROSPA), more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows each year in the UK resulting in injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to fatal head injuries. Windows that are open just 150mm pose a danger to children.

These falls are preventable. A casement window restrictor will keep a window no wider than 100mm even if forced, prevent children from falling through the window even when it is opened to its maximum 100mm. Jackloc window restrictors can withstand 58 to 74 stone and a force in excess of  3,600 newtons!

Teenagers are another group who are at risk of falls from windows as they often like to sit on windows and have low levels of risk awareness; a window restrictor that they can’t override will enable them to safely sit in their window.

Choosing a Childproof Window Restrictor
When choosing a window restrictor to prevent children from falling from windows consider whether you prefer a key-operated or permanently locked option. The Titan and Pro5 are key locking window restrictors, the Perma is a keyless window safety restrictor that can’t be over-ridden by curious fingers!

Window Security

Another very important and popular area of use for casement window restrictors is security. In 2020/21 there were over 267,000 burglaries in England and Wales, this was a significant decline of 116,000 from the previous year, the decline was attributed to the lockdowns. One in five residential burglaries were accessed through windows.

Just because you might be working from home more now doesn’t mean you won’t be vulnerable to burglary; data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that someone was at home in 64% of burglary incidents, and more than 37% of residents were aware of the burglary incident taking place.

Fitting window restrictors can help to prevent burglaries. Crime prevention experts say that burglars look for the easiest targets and want to avoid drawing attention to themselves through smashing windows. A burglar much prefers a window they can easily force open, whereas Jackloc window restrictors prevent a window from been opened more than 100mm even if forced from the outside. Even when the window is open to the maximum 100mm slightly to allow fresh air in our window restrictors withstand a force of 54-74 stone.

Choosing a Security Window Restrictor
For maximum security we recommend the Titan security window restrictor. This key-operated option is our strongest product to date, approved by crime prevention company Sold Secure and withstands 74 stone – the equivalent of 5 adult males!

Vulnerable Adults

Perhaps you have vulnerable adults living with you or occasionally visiting. Unfortunately there have sadly been several incidents of elderly adults dying after falling from windows. Those who can get confused are most at risk from falling from a window.

The Department of Health stiplulates the following with regards to care homes and you may want to consider these for your home too if you care for a vulnerable adult:-

  • Window restrictors in care homes are required to be fitted to all windows that open.
  • Window restrictors need to resist a force of in excess of 350 Newtons.
  • Window restrictors need to be able to be opened using a key or special device (not fingers) and should be regularly monitored as part of a preventative maintenance plan.

Choosing a Window Restrictor for Vulnerable Adults

The Perma Keyless Window Restrictor or the Pro-5 Key Locking Window Restrictor meet the requirements set out for care homes and so you can be confident that they will prevent accidental falls from windows. For even more security you might want to look at the Titan which is our strongest window restrictor to date, withstanding 74 stone of weight!


Choosing and Fitting Window Restrictors

Hopefully you are now familiar with the most common casement window restrictor uses and feel confident in choosing the right product for your needs. If you do need further advice please do get in touch.

At Jackloc, we pride ourselves on quality in everything that we do. Our window restrictors are independently tested to exceed British Standards and to withhold a force of between 58 – 74 stone, depending on the restrictor type, making them the strongest in the world. Our fitting window restrictors guide shows just how quick and simple a DIY task it is, take a look to see just how simple it is to keep children and vulnerable adults safe from falls and preventing burglars entering through windows while maintaining a healthy flow of fresh air.