A guide to window latch security by our experts.

Most windows are only fitted with simple window latches that latch into the window frame. Closing the latch helps tighten the seal of the window. The main purpose of this style of simple window latch is simply to help reduce draughts which will boost the overall energy efficiency of your window. Unfortunately this style of window latch can be easily forced by a burglar, which explains why 23% of burglars actually enter a property through first-floor windows.

For this reason security experts and many insurers recommend that windows should be reinforced by locks. This guide will help you to understand the options for boosting window latch security.

The first thing to consider is that when it comes to latches and locks for window security there are two main options.

1: Window locks which prevent windows from being opened from the outside when the window is locked and closed.

2: Window restrictors which prevent windows from being opened from the outside, but which also allow windows to be opened to a maximum width of 100mm. From a security perspective the benefit of a window restrictor over a simple window lock is that a window restrictor allows the window to be left partially open while still preventing anyone from being able to force the window wide enough to gain entry.


Choosing a window security device

The Jackloc Titan is the most robust window latch security solution. This steel device is the only window restrictor to have been awarded Sold Secure status by the Master Locksmiths Association. Even with the window open at 100mm the Titan window restrictor lock will withstand the force of 4,800 newtons, that’s the equivalent of five adult males, which exceeds all standard requirements by nearly 10 times. The Titan is key-operated, meaning that if you want to open the window completely you can do so by unlocking the Titan.

If you like to have your windows fully open a lot of the time and using a key to open the window sounds unappealing, we recommend one of the Push and Twist mechanism options. The Pro-Twist window restrictors are an excellent option for key-less window security. This is a cable style window restrictor. Instead  of using a key the Pro-Twist has a push and turn bullet mechanism that allows the window to be fully opened if required. With the window closed or open to 100mm the Pro-Twist will withstand the force of 34 stone.

However, if you never need a particular window to be fully opened you might want to consider the Perma window restrictor. This restrictor is permanently fixed which prevents tampering and accidental release.

All Jackloc products are tested independently in a UKAS laboratory to all relevant elements of the British Standards that indicate how much impact and load bearing a product can withstand. This means that whichever Jackloc window latch security solution you opt for you can be confident that the restrictor won’t break when someone (or several people!) try to force it open.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand window latch security.