Lockable window restrictors prevent falls and can help to secure your home or business. Read our complete guide.

What are lockable window restrictors?

Lockable window restrictors are devices that, when locked into place, prevent windows from opening more than 100mm. They can be locked and unlocked either with a key, or with a push/twist mechanism. When you want the window to be fully open you simply unlock the restriction.

How do I choose the right product?
As with any safety product, the first consideration is the quality of the product. You should choose a window restrictor that carries the following certifications:- BS EN 13125-5:2011+A1:2014 and BS EN 14351-1:2006+A2-2016.

This certification means that the restrictor has been deemed safe by British Standards and can:-
1: Withstand a force of 3600-newton pressure to be applied to the cable without breaking.
2: Open and close 25,000 times without breaking.
3: The window restrictor will remain intact after a force of 50kg has hit it.

Are there different types of lockable window restrictors?
Yes, there are different locking mechanisms to choose from depending on the needs of your situation and any guidelines and regulations that are relevant to your setting.

Twist and Push Window Restrictors
This style of keyless window restrictor locks and unlocks with a simple Push & Twist mechanism. This is popular in residentials settings as there’s no risk of misplacing a key! Take a look at the Pro-Twist by Jackloc Cable Window Restrictor

Key-Operated Locking Window Restrictors 
This style of restrictor is often required in public settings.

HSE Guidance is clear that where risk assessments identify that people using services are at risk from falling from windows at a height likely to cause harm (i.e. above ground floor level), suitable precautions must be taken. Where windows are large enough to allow people to fall out, openings should be restricted to 10cms or less, and it should only be possible to disengage restrictors using a special tool or key.

In regulated settings that care for people who might be vulnerable, such as hospitals and care homes, HSE regulations state that window restrictors must be locked with a key.

Key-operated window restrictors from Jackloc include the Pro-5 by Jackloc Key-Locking Cable Window Restrictor, the Pro 2 by Jackloc Key-Locking Cable Window Restrictor (Box of 20) and the Sold Secure certified Titan by Jackloc Folding Window Restrictor.

Where can lockable window restrictors be fitted?

They can be fitted to almost any type of window, including UPVC, wood, Velux and sash windows. They can also be used on patio doors.

We hope that this guide answers your questions about lockable window restrictors and how to choose the right option for you.