If you’re wondering about the reasons for choosing Jackloc over cheaper competitors, read on.

Jackloc are not the cheapest window restrictors available, but that extra cost is in the quality of the product, making our products stronger and more reliable than those of cheaper options. Window restrictors are relied on to provide safety and security and as such, reliability is a must. At Jackloc we invest in making sure that our products provide the upmost safety and security. When you decide to fit window restrictors you are doing so because you care about safety and security, the last thing you want is to find that the restrictor fails.

That’s why at Jackloc we invest in high quality parts and manufacturing processes and we go further than the testing requirements by testing every individual restrictor to exceed regulations.

The Jackloc commitment to standards means that you can rest assured that the Jackloc window restrictor you buy can be trusted to do its job of preventing falls from windows.

All Jackloc products come with a 10 year manufacturing guarantee and are manufactured in the UK.

Independent Tests & Certification

Our standard Jackloc cable window restrictor length is 200mm which provides a maximum opening of 100mm, this means there’s not sufficient space for a child to fall through a window, even when in the restricted open position. You’ll want to be certain that this maximum opening is reliably robust, and that’s where our testing standards come in.

All Jackloc products are independently UKAS laboratory tested, and passed, to all elements of the British Standards that indicate a product’s ability to withstand impact and load bearing. This means that you can be confident that the restrictor won’t break when someone falls against, pushes or leans against the window in its restricted open position. These tests are called BS EN 13126 and BS EN 14351. We make the certification for all of our products available.

Although some alternative restrictors at a lower price claim to be BS EN certified it’s important that you look at the certificates closely to ensure that the competing product has the independent tests for every element of  BS EN 13126 and BS EN 14351. Unfortunately,  there are traders who are “passing off” cheaper, lower quality imported products as a Jackloc product.

Jackloc products don’t only pass the safety tests, they exceed them. In tests to identify how much weight the window restrictor can withstand before the window profile gave way our Pro 5 key lockable and Perma cable window restrictors withstood 2200N load (34 stone). This is x7 above the British Standard requirement. Our Titan window lock withstood a load of 4600N (74 stone) before the window profile collapsed. This gives us and you the confidence that a person leaning on or falling into a window will not fall out of the window.

We don’t only make sure the window restrictor product is incredibly durable. Fixings matter too and that’s why with Jackloc products we include one way clutch head grade 4 security screws that are case hardened so they will not bend or snap. The only exception is the Pro 2 which has grade 2 security screws.

Security Approval

The easiest thing you can do to prevent an intruder using a window to enter your home is to lock your windows. It is estimated that 95% of burglaries through windows enter through a window that is unlocked or a window with poor quality locks.

A poor quality lock can be easily overcome by an experienced burglar, so they will inspect the locks. If it’s security you are looking for then the Jackloc Titan can not be beaten. The Titan has an incredibly strong steel folding mechanism and in tests withstood a load of 4600N (74 stone) before the window profile collapsed. That’s the equivalent of five adult males, which exceeds all standard requirements by nearly 10 times.

The Titan by Jackloc is the strongest and most secure window restrictor in the world.

This key lockable window restrictor can’t be disengaged without the use of a key and is the only window lock that has been granted the security approved Sold Secure certificate.


Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to the highest standards informs everything we do.  We manufacture every Jackloc window restrictor in Britain with quality components from the UK, and we test and exceed all British Standard requirements by up to 10 times, producing the strongest restrictors in the market.

Our commitment to quality standards have led to us winning many awards including the Mother & Baby Safety Awards, Sold Secure Awards, and Made for Mums and the Pro 5 by Jackloc holds The Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Our window restrictors are trusted by leading brand names who share our commitment to quality including The Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Travelodge and Barchester.

At Jackloc we are passionate about the need for high-quality standards. Window restrictors are used to help to prevent window falls, therefore it’s critical that there are high-quality standards in place that consumers can rely on to be certain that the window restrictors chosen and fitted do the job they are designed for.

Please contact us if you require our support or advice on your project.