Double glazing window restrictors can be used to enable windows to be opened up to 100mm for ventilation while keeping them secure against entry from the outside and preventing falls through windows. As our understanding for the need for adequate ventilation increases, the importance of window restrictors also increases.

When considering window security, double glazing window restrictors offer plenty of options depending on the needs of the situation.

Window restrictors are also sometimes referred to as window cable restrictors or window locks. You will want to consider whether you want a window restrictor that locks with a key such as the Pro 5 or Pro 5 Duo, or whether you prefer a keyless window restrictors with a Twist mechanism such as the pro-Twist. You might prefer an option that is permanently in place to prevent tampering and accidental release such as the Perma window restrictor. For the ultimate in window safety and security take a look at the Jackloc Titan which is different from a window cable restrictor in that it has a folding mechanism. All of these options can be fitted to double-glazed windows.

Fitting a double glazing window restrictor is a straightforward and quick DIY task. You simply need a pencil and a drill and a screwdriver. Jackloc window restrictors include full instructions.

Remember, when choosing a window restrictor for a double glazing window make sure that you choose a product that has passed the relevant British Standards so that you know you can rely on the product to prevent falls and forced entry. All Jackloc window restrictors far exceed British Standards withstanding a force of up to 74 stone and are designed, manufactured, and tested in the UK.