If you are wondering about how to prevent break-ins through windows, read on.

First, a few window security facts to set the scene:

  • Fact One: 20% of burglaries in England and Wales are through windows.
  • Fact Two: Despite this risk 60% of UK residents never lock their downstairs windows.
  • Fact Three: 69% of residents, don’t lock their upstairs windows.

It is well know that burglars target the homes and businesses that they think offer the quickest and simplest way in and out, because this reduces their chances of being seen, it probably goes without saying that burglars would rather not get caught! This leads us to Fact Four:

Homes with no security measures are five times more likely to get burgled than those with some form of security device.

It is perhaps then not surprising that the first and most essential element of window security is to lock all windows using strong, working locks. Burglary prevention experts recommend that even upstairs windows should be locked, especially if they can be accessed by climbing onto a bin, wall, garden furniture or by using that ladder you’ve got stored in the shed!

How to choose a window lock that is going to prevent break-ins through windows 

So, we know we need to add window locks, but which ones?

Not all window locks are equal. The most secure window lock available is the Titan window lock from Jackloc. This is the only window lock to have been awarded Secured by Design accreditation, the UK Police Crime Prevention initiative, and Sold Secure status awarded by the Master Locksmiths Association.  The Titan has an incredibly strong steel folding mechanism. It can’t be disengaged without the use of a key and it’s been tested to withstand a force of 4,800 newtons, or the equivalent of five adult males pushing against the window, which exceeds all standard requirements by nearly 10 times.

So, if you want to be confident that your windows are securely locked, even when they are opened a little to let in fresh air, without compromising on safety and security, we recommend the Titan.


Additional Window Security Measures

If you would like additional security for your windows here are some more ideas:-

  • Security film or laminated glass – You could fit security film or laminated glass for anti shatter glass protection. The film or lamination is usually made of polyester and will hold your window together if it is smashed or shattered.
  • Window grilles and bars – These are intrusive and are difficult to fit and so likely to need a professional installer, but if your home is often unattended for sustained periods you might want to consider them.
  • Window alarms – there are now alarms that are triggered by vibration or someone opening a window. The sound of an alarm is almost certain to stop a burglar in their tracks and deter them from attempting to break into your home or business.

We hope that this guide has helped you to learn more about how to prevent break-ins through windows.