Our Titan window security and safety lock has been awarded Sold Secure status, making it the only window security restrictor to receive this accolade!

If you are looking for the best window restrictor look no further, this lockable window restrictor is officially the most secure window locking device available!

Windows with restrictors prevent falls and deter burglars from trying to enter a building through a window. We designed the Titan lockable window restrictor to excel at providing window safety and security, preventing falls while also securing your home against burglars attempting to enter through your windows. We are delighted that our commitment to designing and manufacturing the very best window security restrictor has been recognised with this award.

The Titan window security restrictor is made from steel and can withstand 74 stone – that’s the weight of five adult males trying to force entry through a window.

We are proud that this British designed and made product is the first window safety restrictor to achieve the Sold Secure accreditation, officially confirming that Jackloc Titan lockable window locks are the most secure window restrictor in the market! The award marks the first time that a window restrictor has been officially recognised to help reduce crime by preventing entry through windows.

To qualify for the award our Titan by Jackloc folding window restrictor endured a series of strength tests which analysed the amount and location of force required to separate it from the window. The outcome of the tests, withstanding 74 stone of force, was that it was awarded the coveted Sold Secure status for window restrictor.

Consumers can look out for the Sold Secure badge on products when shopping for security products. The badge is an indication of the level of effectiveness of a product as a security device.

Sold Secure is an organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by testing and assessing security products in the market. The testing process involves police, insurance providers and industry bodies to create standard test specifications, before individual tests are undertaken on products.

Eric Collins, Managing Director of Jackloc said,

“When we designed the Titan by Jackloc we wanted it to be stronger and more secure than anything on the market and to provide total peace of mind to our customers. We are absolutely thrilled to be the first window restrictor to have been awarded a Sold Secure status, and delighted for our customers that this accreditation provides confidence in buying an effective security product for their windows.”

We are proud that not only is the Titan the strongest window safety restrictor for preventing falls, but that it has been recognised as a window security restrictor, been awarded the highest level of rating for a window security device.

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