We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the very best window restrictors and as such we are proud to be kicking off 2020 with a new award under our belts, becoming the first window restrictor to achieve a Sold Secure accreditation to become the most secure window restrictor in the market!

The award marks the first time that a window restrictor has been officially recognised to help reduce crime. Our Titan by Jackloc folding restrictor endured a series of strength tests, analysing the amount and location of force required to separate it from the window, and was awarded the coveted Sold Secure status accordingly.

Sold Secure is an organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by assessing security products in the market. The testing process involves police, insurance providers and industry bodies to create standard test specifications, before individual tests are undertaken on products.

Eric Collins, Managing Director of Jackloc said,

“When we designed the Titan by Jackloc we wanted it to be stronger and more secure than anything on the market and to provide total peace of mind to our customers. We are absolutely thrilled to be the first window restrictor to have been awarded a Sold Secure status, and delighted for our customers that this accreditation provides confidence in buying an effective security product for their windows.”


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