Window restrictors are relied on to provide safety and security and as such reliability is a must. That’s why Jackloc test window restriction to the highest standards. We go further than the testing requirements by testing every individual restrictor to exceed regulations and to design and manufacture the very best window restrictors and we are proud to have been awarded the Gold Secure aware for our Titan window restrictor.

The Jackloc commitment to standards means that you can rest assured that the Jackloc window restrictor you buy can be trusted to do its job of preventing falls from windows.

Jackloc Window Restrictor Performance

As part of our commitment to test window restriction to the highest standards every window restrictor is tested across the following 3 key British Standards to ensure reliable performance.

Static load test

The British Standards state that window restrictors should hold a force of 350 newtons for one minute. Our products range from holding a force of 2,117 newtons (34 stone) up to 4,800 newtons (74 stone).

Impact test

This test measures the force of impact against the window sash to simulate the window being impacted by a person. To achieve a British Standards pass, the window restrictor must remain engaged and fully functional after a 50kg force is dropped from 200mm height. The Jackloc products all withstand the weight dropped from 300mm.

Percussion test

The percussion test measures the resistance of the window restrictor to repeated force. To do this the window restrictor is impacted at its most vulnerable point three times, with a 0.3kg head attached to a 0.6kg arm. All Jackloc products have achieved passes in this test procedure.

A name you can trust

Our commitment to the highest standards informs everything we do.  We manufacture every Jackloc window restrictor in Britain with quality components from the UK, and we test and exceed all British Standard requirements by up to 10 times, producing the strongest restrictors in the market.

Our commitment to quality standards have led to us winning many awards including the Mother & Baby Safety Awards, Sold Secure Awards, and Made for Mums. Our window restrictors are trusted by leading names who share our commitment to quality including The Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Travelodge and Barchester.