We are thrilled to introduce our new partnership with the UK’s leading and most-trusted trade retailer, IronmongeryDirect  – who take on the mantel as our first and newly appointed Jackloc Approved Retailer.

Over the past 10 years, Jackloc has worked closely with IronmongeryDirect to provide quality window safety solutions for their trade customers. As a company built on quality and integrity, we have always been impressed with IronmongeryDirect’s commitment to providing valuable knowledge and support to their customers to ensure they have the highest-performing products for their needs.

We are incredibly proud to call them a partner of the Jackloc brand and to align ourselves closely together for the years ahead.

As our first Jackloc Approved Retailer, IronmongeryDirect is now an extension of the Jackloc team and is fully trained on all aspects of Jackloc products and window safety requirements.

“IronmongeryDirect is a fantastic business and we are delighted to recognise them as our first official Jackloc Approved Retailer. We know that customers can find the full range of Jackloc products and support that they need at IronmongeryDirect, whilst also receiving bulk discounts and other advantages that the company offers. The team at IronmongeryDirect are all fully trained in understanding Jackloc products and can provide the best advice to their customers – we are excited to see the partnership grow further.”

About IronmongeryDirect

IronmongeryDirect is the UK’s largest online supplier of ironmongery. With over 18,000 products in stock, customers can choose from a range of flexible delivery options including free next-day delivery, same-day delivery to selected postcodes in London and the Southeast as well as click and collect from 6,500 pick-up points across the UK. To find out more about IronmongeryDirect, please visit: www.IronmongeryDirect.co.uk.