How do you protect windows from burglars? Our security experts answer your questions about protecting your home.

With 25% of burglars using a window to get into a home it’s important to consider window security. Burglars like easy targets and almost half of all burglaries are opportunistic crimes that could have been easily prevented. This means that every measure you take to signal that your windows are more difficult to enter than someone else’s will be worth it. Here’s how to do your best to secure your windows from burglars.

1: Close blinds if you have them
The first thing a burglar will do is check the front of your property, so always leave your blinds down when you are out of the house because this prevents potential burglars from seeing what valuables are inside and signals that you care about security and may well have taken additional security measures.

2: Check upper windows can’t be reached
Some householders secure their ground floor windows with locks (see below) but forget about upper windows. If you prefer not to have locks on upper windows do make sure that you don’t have any ladders or anything else that can be climbed onto to make it easy for burglars to enter upper windows.

3: High quality window locks
The easiest thing you can do to prevent an intruder using a window to enter your home is to lock your windows. It is estimated that 95% of burglaries through windows enter through a window that is unlocked or a window with poor quality locks.

A poor quality lock can be easily overcome by an experienced burglar, so they will inspect the locks. Many insurers will insist that all downstairs windows be fitted with key-operated window locks, or some other form of security lock.

There are several key lockable window restrictors that you could choose in order to comply with home insurers requiring key-operated window locks, see our guide below.


Sold Secure Window Lock

There are several types of key-operated window locks that home insurers approve.

The most burglar-proof window lock available is the Jackloc Titan lockable window restrictor. It’s designed to excel at providing window security; made from steel this window lock can withstand 74 stone and has no cables which can be cut.

We are proud that this British-designed and British-made product is the first window safety restrictor to achieve the Sold Secure accreditation for crime prevention, confirming that The Titan by Jackloc window restrictors are the most secure window restrictors in the world. The award marks the first time that a window restrictor has been officially recognised to help reduce crime by preventing entry through windows.

You might prefer a more traditional cable 5 key locking restrictor which can withstand a force of 3,600 newtons, exceeding all relevant standard requirements. This lock comes with hardened and zinc-coated grade four security screws to help keep homes safe.