When choosing a locksmith it is important that you choose one that can be trusted, so here we look at ‘why use a MLA locksmith?’.

Locksmiths are at the forefront of business and home security, they replace locks, create duplicate keys, and even break locks without damaging the doorway. They are often called in a panic, because you’ve been locked out, or burgled and your keys have been stolen, but it is important that despite the urgency you still take time to choose a locksmith that is a member of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA).

It is important to note that any locksmith can call themselves a ‘Master Locksmith’, but not all locksmiths can claim to be Master Locksmith MLA qualified, or MLA Approved. To be sure that your chosen locksmith is MLA Approved you can check the MLA website.

Dangers of not choosing an approved MLA Locksmith

Not choosing an approved MLA Locksmith can be expensive. Locksmiths that are not part of the MLA have been found to overcharge after advertising artificially low prices, with some examples of people advertising services for £59 then charging £500. Unlicensed locksmiths often don’t have the skills to access your lock without resorting to drilling the lock which results in new locks having to be bought. Rogue locksmiths are keen to drill a lock because they can then charge more. Drilling a lock should always be the last resort unless it is known the lock needs to be replaced because of stolen keys for example. A professional locksmith will have various tools and the knowledge to apply specialist techniques before drilling a lock.

The benefits of choosing an approved MLA locksmith

When you choose an approved MLA Locksmith you are choosing a locksmith that has passed the following:-

  • Security Checks – You know that ALL of the employees of the Approved Locksmith have undergone strict vetting processes and have had a satisfactory standard DBS check. Infact, locksmiths can only be Criminal Record checked (DBS) via MLA membership. If a locksmith is claiming to be DBS checked but is not a member of the MLA consider that an alarm bell.
  • Qualifications – Master Locksmith Association approved companies must employ a locksmith with a recognised exam based qualification. This means that you can be confident of the quality of workmanship.
  • Regular Inspections – Being a member of the MLA is a commitment to quality and security. MLA locksmiths are subjected to regular inspections that ensure that they are upholding standards in their workmanship and administration. During these inspections, approved locksmiths may be evaluated on compliance with industry regulations and best practice, staff qualifications and training, use of proper tools and equipment, customer service and communication skills and the overall quality of workmanship. All of this means you can be confident that the MLA registered locksmith will provide high quality, reliable service.

Sold Secure

The Master Locksmiths Association doesn’t only check and approve locksmiths, it also administers the ‘Sold Secure’ scheme. Sold Secure is dedicated to assessing security products through manual attack testing. Manufacturers & suppliers can apply to have their products approved by Sold Secure. Products that pass the series of tests are given a Sold Secure rating.

We are proud of the fact that The Jackloc Titan window lock is the only window restrictor that has been awarded Sold Secure status due to it’s patented design to provide extra security for open windows.  The Jackloc team work closely with MLA approved locksmiths to help with window security for their customers.

And, it is reassuring to hear that Master Locksmiths are also fans of Jackloc products and Derek Mercer from Lockkeys Locksmith Services & Training recently commented:

“If you’re a locksmith or maintenance person who has not heard of Jackloc then you need to find out about their window safety/security products if you want quality.”

If you would like to read more about the MLA and their approved locksmiths, including the different levels of membership, take a look at the MLA website.