If you are considering fitting a window restrictor you might be wondering how to remove a window safety restrictor when it’s no longer needed or how to open window restrictors. Read on to find out…

Window restrictors are increasingly popular with the re-emergence of the realisation of the benefits of maintaining fresh air circulating indoors while also wanting to keep homes and offices secure from intrusion and to prevent falls from open windows.

The first thing to be aware of is that window restrictors are devices that restrict the opening of a window to a maximum of 100mm. This enables windows to be open a little in order to allow fresh air to circulate, while preventing anyone from forcing entry from outside and preventing falls through the window from inside the building.

How To Permanently Remove A Window Restrictor

Removeable Window Restrictors are fitted by screwing part of the mechanism to the fixed window frame, wall or sill and the other part to the opening window frame.

To remove a window safety restrictor, either to replace it or because it’s no longer needed is a quick and easy DIY job. Simply use a screwdriver to remove the two-body compartments attached to the opening window frame and the fixed sill, wall or window.


Over-ride A Window Restrictor

Some designs of window restrictor are permanent and do not have an over-ride mechanism and therefore to open the window wider than 100mm the restrictor has to be physically removed as explained above. This is the case with the Jackloc Perma keyless window restrictor.

However, most widow restrictors are not permanent, meaning that they can be over-ridden to open the window more than 100mm.

Window restrictors that enable you to over-ride the window opening restriction are a key operated window lock such as the Pro-5, Pro-5 Duo, Pro-2. or the ultra-secure Gold Standard Titan folding window lock Alternatively a twist mechanism such as the Pro-Twist window restrictor. All of these allow a window to be opened completely when needed without completely removing the window restrictor.

We hope that answers the question how to remove a window safety restrictor. If you have any questions do let us know, our experts are always happy to help.