Window restrictors for inward opening windows can help to keep vulnerable people safe from window falls. Jackloc window restrictors are a device to stop a window opening fully, they are suitable for windows that open inwards as well as outwards.

Many modern homes, hotels and offices are now designed with inward opening windows because they enable the window to be opened at the top to provide ventilation, rather than having to open the whole window, this is ideal for smaller rooms. They are also easy to clean from the inside – as they open into the building.

Many people consider inward facing windows to be more visually pleasing and they can accommodate Juliet balconies and allow for flower and herb boxes to be placed on the exterior sill, making then especially popular with those living in apartments.

However inward facing windows are capable of opening fully, which could be a safety concern in a child’s or vulnerable person’s room. For this reason many people fit window restrictors on windows that open inwards.


Choosing a window restrictor for inward opening windows

When choosing a window opening restrictor make sure that it’s suitable for inward opening windows – all Jackloc window restrictors are suitable. Also ensure that you choose a product that has passed the relevant British Standards so that you know you can rely on the product to prevent falls and forced entry.

You will also want to consider whether you want a window restrictor that locks with a key such as the Pro 5 or Pro 5 Duo, or whether you prefer a Twist mechanism such as the pro-Twist, or an option that is permanently in place to prevent tampering and accidental release. For the ultimate in window safety and security take a look the the Jackloc Titan which has a folding mechanism.

We hope that this guide has helped you to make decisions about how to choose a window restrictor device to stop windows from opening fully.