Window safety ahead of the school holidays – all you need to know.  Our experts address the key measures you can take to ensure your windows are safe ahead of the upcoming school holidays.

We all hope that the school summer holidays spell hot sunny weather, meaning we can leave the windows open letting fresh air in. However, we all know that children and teens love to climb and that open windows pose a danger to children of all ages.

As all parents know, a toddler can wander off the moment we look away and before we know it they can be playing near an open window. Children can get attracted to windows by friends, dogs, birds and even passing cars. Older children and teens have always loved to lean on windows, sit on window sills and even jump from windows to get to the ground floor.

A fall from a window can result in injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to fatal head injuries.  According, to the Royal Society for the Prevention of accidents (RoSPA), more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows each year in the UK. So, how can parents make sure their windows are safe?

Window Restrictors for Window Safety
The ideal solution for summer window safety exists in the form of window restrictors.  Window restrictors are simple to fit devices that restrict how far a window can be opened. They allow windows to be opened to a maximum of 100mm and are strong enough to prevent a person falling from the window. They are an ideal way to childproof a window.

When choosing a child-safe window restrictor you will want to be confident that the product you choose will do the job it’s designed for. We recommend you choose a product that is tested to British Standards and proven to hold a suitable force being applied to it. All Jackloc window restrictors exceed the British Standards for window restrictors. In fact, our range has been tested to exceed all British Standard requirements by up to 10 times to withstand a force of up to 74 stone, in order to reduce the risk of little ones (and adults!) accidentally falling against the window and breaking the restrictor.

Choosing the Right Safety Window Restrictor
When choosing a window restrictor you will also want to consider the type of window restrictor that would be best for your needs. If your primary concern is keeping children safe from falls from a window, a push and twist mechanism is NOT recommended, as a child or vulnerable person could deliberately or accidentally override the restriction and risk a fall.

For child safety, a key-operated window restrictor or a permanently fixed window restrictor are recommended. Key operated restrictors include the Pro-5 or Pro-5 Duo, or our strongest key operated restrictor the Titan.  Alternatively you can choose a keyless window restrictor twist and push mechanism such as the Perma window restrictor.

Titan Window Restrictor 
The Titan is an incredibly secure and safe window safety latch. If you want added peace of mind and protection against aggressive forced entry the Titan is an excellent choice. This window restrictor does not have a cable, instead it has a steel folding latch mechanism. This restrictor can withstand the weight of 74 stone! It provides extra safety and security for open windows and is awarded Sold Secure status by the Master Locksmiths Association; the only window restrictor recognised as such .

The Titan has also been awarded Secured by Design certification which means that it is the only Police Preferred window lock, so if you are looking for the most childproof window lock then opt for the Titan.

Fitting a Child Safety Window Restrictor
Fitting a child window restrictor is a quick and simple DIY task and we provide full instructions. They can be fitted to any window type, including sash, aluminium, upvc and inward opening windows and it just takes 10minutes and you’ll need is a drill and a pencil.

Window Safety Tips for School Holidays and Beyond
Additional safety steps that can be taken around windows in the home include:-

  • Move household items away from windows to discourage children from climbing to peer out.
  • Don’t underestimate a child’s mobility; children tend to climb before they can walk.
  • Be aware that screens do not prevent falls – they keep bugs out, not children in.
  • Talk to your teens and children about the dangers of opening windows and, playing on or near windows and sitting on window ledges.

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