Our UPVC window restrictors buyer’s guide will help you to choose the right window restrictor for your situation. Read on to find out more…

UPVC windows are the most popular style of window in the UK and whichever style of UPVC windows you have you will be able to fit a restrictor to enhance the security of your home or business and safety of those using the building.

What to consider when choosing a UPVC window restrictor

There are four key things to consider when buying window restrictors for UPVC windows:-
1: How much control you want to have in the possibility of overriding the restriction to the window opening
2: How much control you want other building users to have in overriding the restriction to the window opening
3: How strong you want the window restriction to be
4: The quality assurances of the product

Control over the window restriction

The first consideration when choosing a window restrictor for UPVC windows is ‘Do you want the option to ever have the window fully open?’

No, I don’t want the option to fully open the window
If the answer is no, you don’t need to fully open a window, then a permanently restricted option is best for you.

With these styles of window restrictor the only way to open the window wider than 100mm is to completely remove the window restrictor with a screwdriver. This option is most popular with organisations that care for vulnerable people who might deliberately or accidentally override an opening mechanism.

In the Jackloc range the product to choose in this situation would be the Jackloc Perma. This is a great choice for settings where it would not be safe for the window to be opened beyond 100mm at any time and you want the peace of mind of that permanent restriction.

Yes, I do want the option to fully open the window
Many of us like the security and safety of a window restrictor but also want to have the option to fully open windows to allow more fresh air in. If you would like to have the option to open the window completely you can choose a key operated or push and turn (keyless) window restrictor.

The next consideration is who do you want to be have access to the override mechanism. If it’s safe for all building users to fully open the window when they choose then a push & twist mechanism option might be right for you.  The Pro-Twist Cable Window Restrictor option allows anyone to open the window completely using a simple ‘push and turn’ operation.

If your primary concern is keeping young or vulnerable people safe, a push and twist mechanism is NOT recommended as a child or vulnerable person could deliberately or accidentally override the restriction and risk a fall. Indeed, organisations that care for vulnerable people are not permitted to have push & twist operated window restrictors because of this risk. There’s also the possibility with a push & twist window restrictor that someone might override the restriction and forget to put it back on, causing a safety and security risk.

If it is not safe or desirable for all building users to be able to override the restricted opening then a key operated restrictor, with a key stored in a safe and secure place, is a better choice.

Jackloc’s three key locking window restrictors are the Pro-5 and the Pro-5 Duo which are both cable window restrictors, and the Titan Folding Window Restrictors. Both of the Pro-5 options can be over-ridden with the key but the Pro-5 Duo Cable can also be removed from either side when not in use, this can be useful if you only need the restriction in place at certain times, for example if you have children or vulnerable people visiting.

Strength and Security

The next consideration is how strong you need the restrictor to be. A poor quality window restrictor can be easily overcome by an experienced burglar who will inspect the locks, so it’s important that you choose a strong product. All of Jackloc window restrictors are stronger than required by the British Standards, but the Jackloc Titan can not be beaten for security.

The Titan is a key-operated window restrictor, so the person with access to the key can open the window fully.

The Titan is the most robust UPVC window restrictor available, it has an incredibly strong steel folding mechanism and in tests withstood a load of 4600N (74 stone) before the window profile collapsed. That’s the equivalent of five adult males, which exceeds all standard requirements by nearly 10 times and it’s the only window lock in the world that has been granted the security approved Sold Secure certificate.

Quality Assurances

Once you’ve chosen the style of UPVC window restrictor that meets your needs you will need to choose a brand. Window restrictors are relied on to provide safety and security and, as such, reliability is a must.

Maximum Opening
Make sure you choose a window restrictor that provides a maximum opening of 100mm, this means there’s not sufficient space for a person to fall through a window, even when in the restricted open position.

To make sure that the restrictor you choose has been certified as strong enough to prevent a fall or an attempt at a forced break-in choose a product that has been tested to all of the elements of BS EN 13126 and BS EN 14351.

Look at the certificates closely to ensure that the product has the independent tests for every element of  BS EN 13126 and BS EN 14351. Be wary of low priced options, although some restrictors at a lower price claim to be BS EN certified,  there are traders “passing off” cheaper, lower quality imported products as a Jackloc product.

Jackloc products don’t only pass the safety tests, they exceed them. In tests to identify how much weight the window restrictor can withstand before the window profile gave way our Pro-5 key lockable and Perma cable window restrictors withstood 2200N load (34 stone). This is seven times above the British Standard requirement. Our Titan window lock withstood a load of 4600N (74 stone) before the window profile collapsed. This gives us and you the confidence that a person leaning on or falling into a window will not fall out of the window.

We don’t only make sure the window restrictor product is incredibly durable. Fixings matter too and that’s why with Jackloc products we include one way clutch head grade 4 security screws that are case hardened so they will not bend or snap. The only exception is the Pro-2 which has grade 2 security screws.

We hope that this UPVC window restrictors buyer’s guide has helped you to identify what to look for when choosing window restrictors for your UPVC windows.