Back in September we were overjoyed to find out that our Jackloc cable restrictor had been shortlisted for the Best Safety Product, at the Mother & Baby Awards. This was a phenomenal achievement for us for two reasons. Firstly, the awards are tested by parents themselves. They had to install and use the restrictors and report on their safety function. So, to know that the parents valued the products enough to make the shortlist was very rewarding.

Secondly, window restrictors, also known as window safety locks, aren’t yet as common-place in home safety considerations as stair gates and sleep monitors. And when window accidents happen, they can be difficult to read about in the press. So to have positive news to talk about, has given the company a significant boost in the last couple of months.

Fast forward to last night, we were glitzed and glammed and were so proud to be in the sam7y6e room as the fantastic parenting brands who were shortlisted across the various categories.

When it came to the Best Safety Product category announcement, we collectively held our breath, cast nervous glances at each other and were bowled over when it was announced that we had taken the runners up Silver place in the category!

Managing Director Eric Collins said- “I am so proud that Jackloc has received this award. The company was built on an innovation to protect children from falling from windows, so to get the Silver award for Best Safety Product in this field is incredibly rewarding. We’re particularly proud of the positive feedback from the parent testers around the product, and we will use it to help grow awareness of window safety in 2020.”

As part of the awards process we received several glowing reviews from the parent testers, who each received a product to try at home.

Mum Billie said “This product made life easier because it gives peace of mind, and an extra sense of security. As a mum, I worry about little things that could happen and anything that makes my house and toddler safer is a definite win for me. My toddler is a bit mischievous and has recently started to climb so this product couldn’t have come at a better time!”

And Margaret thought “The Jackloc window restrictor makes my life easier as a mum because it means the window in my child’s bedroom cannot be opened fully.”

We’re immensely proud of this feedback, and of being recognised as a core safety product for the home.

Take a look at our award winning Jackloc window cable restrictor here.

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