Window Safety Locks - Keeping safe and letting fresh air in

Window safety locks secure windows to prevent falls, while still allowing fresh air in. They can be fitted to any type of window to improve safety in the home or in commercial buildings. They are especially important for keeping young people and vulnerable people safe.

When we hear about a fall from a window we tend to think of it as a freak accident. Sadly however, nationally one child under five is admitted to hospital every day as a result of  falling from a building – often from a window but also from balconies.

Did you know? “Tears in Heaven” was written following the death of Eric Clapton’s four-year-old son, Conor, who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend.

It’s not just children who fall from windows though, open windows can pose a risk to other members of the household of an accidental fall. Elderly members of the household who might become confused are also at risk.

One way to reduce the risk of a fall from a window is to keep it locked or closed, however an accidental or purposeful opening can still result in a fall. Also with increased ventilation recommended to reduce the transmission of Covid 19, windows are more likely to be left open in the home. It only takes moments for an accident to happen.

That’s where window safety locks from Jackloc come in. Indeed, the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) recommend the fitting of window catches, locks or restrictors to stop windows opening too wide.

Jackloc  window safety locks  allow you to leave your windows open up to 100mm, to let the fresh air in while still keeping windows locked and therefore members of your household safe from window falls. They are also incredibly strong and are  able to withstand a force of up to 74 stones in weight.

There are 5 styles of Jackloc window safety locks to choose from. Our two key locking options are the Pro5 and Pro5 Duo. These window cable locks enable the restriction to be disengaged in the event that you wanted to open the window fully, of course make sure that you keep the key secure and not in the lock. The Perma cable window restrictor can’t be disengaged and so is also a safe, tamper-proof option.

You can install the window safety locks yourself with just a screwdriver and a few minutes and be confident of window safety in your home.

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