UPVC window restrictors for Child Safety

Child safety window restrictors and locks  are an essential part of childproofing your home. We are often asked how to childproof upstairs windows. Well, it’s quicker and easier than you might think, so if you are looking for UPVC window restrictors or just to find out more about childproofing windows, read on…

With just a few minutes you can fit child safe window locks for UPVC windows to prevent falls from windows.

A child safety window restrictor prevents the window from opening more than 100mm. Even when the window is open at 100mm with the restrictor in place a person leaning on the window won’t be able to fall out because our window restrictors can withstand the weight of up to 58 stone while the window is open! This means you don’t have to choose between keeping your home ventilated as recommended by Covid guidance, or keeping your home safe from falls from windows.

When choosing how to childproof upstairs windows, or indeed downstairs windows, to keep your children safe it’s important to choose an option that has been thoroughly tested and that you consider whether you would prefer a key-locking, a keyless window restrictor push & twist or permanently fixed window restrictor. Take a look at our Product Guide to see the various options of child window safety restrictors.

Guide to Child Safety Window Restrictors & Locks for UPVC Windows

When choosing child safety window restrictors and window locks for UPVC windows you will need to take the following into consideration.

Most homes now have UPVC windows, and so will need UPVC window restrictors, our restrictors can be used on all window types including UPVC. In our homes most of us will want to be able to open our windows completely some of the time and so we will only look at the window safety locks that can be opened completely, rather than the permanent lock.

The choices about how to childproof a window then become based around whether you prefer a window restrictor that is locked with a key, or one that can be over-ridden with a twist mechanism. As children can often take us by surprise by developing their skills quite suddenly we do not recommend the option with the twist opening in homes with children. That leaves us with 3 options to choose from, so let’s look at those in turn.

Jackloc Pro 5 Key-Locking Window Restrictor and the Pro 5 Duo
These two options both have the same reassuring strength and durability, withstanding 34 stone and featuring 5 disc locking barrels. They are both quickly and easily fitted to UPVC windows. They restrict the opening of the window to 100mm unless over-ridden with the key.

The Pro5 Duo cable can also be removed from either side or both sides when not in use. This feature can be useful if you only need the restriction in place at certain times, for example if you have children or vulnerable people visiting.

Jackloc Titan Window Restrictor 
If you also want added protection against very aggressive forced entry the Titan is an excellent choice. This window restrictor does not have a cable, instead it has a steel folding mechanism. The restrictor can withstand the weight of 74 stone! It provides extra security for open windows and is awarded Sold Secure status by the Master Locksmiths Association; the only window restrictor recognised as such .

Fitting Child-Safe Window Locks for UPVC Windows
Fitting a child safe window lock to a UPVC window is quick and simple. You only need a pencil, a drill and 5 minutes. We supply the security screws and instructions, to view a video of how to fit your window restrictor visit the product page of the option you are interested in.Our fitting window restrictors guide shows just how quick and simple a DIY task it is, take a look to see just how simple it is.

If you have any questions about Jackloc UPVC Window Restrictors and how to childproof a window using window safety restrictors please do contact us.