Now that we’re heading into Spring, holiday planning season is upon us and we are thinking about hotel window safety.

If you’re planning a family holiday, there’s lots of things to consider. Where do you go, how do you get there, how much does it cost and what is there to keep the kids entertained whilst away.

You may consider whether you want a ground floor room or apartment. Perhaps whether you want a balcony or a space where you can relax when the kids are in bed.

Do you think about whether there’s a chance that your child can get out of the window?
Probably not.

Let’s face it, it’s not a deal breaker whether the accommodation has safety locks or restrictors on the windows. Most people expect the site to have made everything as safe as it can be, and you know that you’ll have your eyes on your children anyway.

But things can go wrong. When you get to your accommodation you may find that the window opens wide and there’s a sheer drop on the other side.

So you tell your child not to go near the open window, or you make sure the window is locked and shut. But we all know that it takes just seconds for accidents to happen.

In August last year a toddler fell from a second floor hotel window in Blackpool and suffered a fractured skull. Just two weeks earlier a five year old boy fell to his death from a hotel window in Malaysia.

Their parents were in the room, but the children were doing what they do best, being inquisitive and adventurous.

So, should window restrictors be essential in holiday accommodation? We think so.

We are a supplier of window locks and restrictors so we have a vested interest in saying that, right?

Absolutely. Our business is window safety locks and restrictors. We also have families and as part of our business we get exposure to these stories more than others. Every month we read the terrible stories around the world and it hits home. And we think if only there was something that could’ve prevented this happening. And this drives our passion to increase awareness of the risks of falls from open windows, to avoid the pain of horrific accidents and their lifechanging outcomes.

The Health and Safety Executive suggest that it’s “best practice” for businesses to evaluate and identify risks of harm and to put preventative measures in place.

In windows, it is advised that windows only open to 100mm to prevent falls, but it’s not law for window restrictors to be fitted as standard.

So, we want to ask, what are your thoughts on hotel window safety and having window safety locks fitted on hotel and rented holiday accommodation windows – is it something you consider?

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