Window restrictors for hotels and leisure environments

Window restrictors are essential to keep guests safe in hotels, holiday resorts and B&B environments.

No matter the size and shape of your windows, our Jackloc window restrictors have been rigorously tested to meet both British and European safety standards.

The simple design of our restrictors boasts great strength thanks to a five-disc locking barrel, exceeding the British standard requirements by over four times. All Jacklocs are expertly manufactured in the UK, using high-quality British materials and put through several tests before leaving the factory.

Jackloc window restrictors come with a standard 200mm cable length and custom lengths can be manufactured if required.

The Jackloc MK2 window restrictors are used in the bedroom windows at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha.

Jackloc and the Hotel market

Why choose Jackloc?

With Jackloc window restrictors, you can be safe in the knowledge that your guests are kept safe and secure.

Our restrictors are strong, reliable and British manufactured to the highest quality, providing peace of mind to leisure providers.

We are prominent in a number of major hotel chains including the Whitbread Group, The Dream Hotel in Manhattan,  London’s famous Ritz Hotel and the Sheraton Group hotel in Doha.

“Peace of mind”

The Travelodge Hotel Group has installed the Jacklocs in all of its 20,000 UK hotel rooms.

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  • Maintenance

    We provide a 10 year warranty against faulty manufacture as standard.

  • Experience

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