All types of windows are a potential danger. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen. Window safety is a serious concern especially in private homes with small children, hotels and hospitals. Falls are common but are easily prevented with the use of window lock restrictors.

Some types of window might seem completely safe because they are in a low level ceiling or on a sloping wall. This is often the case with VELUX windows. They are often located well out of harms way. Sometimes however, especially in loft conversions or dormer style properties, Velux windows can be in low level ceilings and on easy to reach sloping walls.

VELUX window restrictors

The Jackloc window restrictor is used in buildings across the world. From huge commercial buildings to homes, the aim is the same, to prevent accidents. If you live in a house with VELUX windows that pose a potential risk, the Jackloc can help. Whether your windows are UPVC, aluminum, or timber, the Jackloc window locks and restrictors can be installed.

The Jackloc can be fitted to any type of window including VELUX windows. VELUX window restriction has never been easier, Jackloc are easy install and it just takes just minutes to securely fix to your windows. It attaches directly to the window sash and window frame to restrict how far the window opens. Depending on the type of Jackloc you choose, the restriction of the window opening can be permanent, keyless window restrictor, push button operated or key operated.

Tested and approved to the highest safety standards

Jackloc window locks are available all over the world. They have undergone testing to the safety regulations of many countries. They have British Standards accreditation as well as approval in the Middle East and the USA. Every one of our safety window locks can withstand up to 3,000 newtons and is salt spray tested to ensure durability and compliance with corrosion resistance.

VELUX windows are an excellent way of providing ventilation and natural light, especially in loft conversions and situations where standard windows are unsuitable. They should, however, always be treated the same way as any other windows in terms of potential risk.

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