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  • Department of Health, Estates and Facilities Alert

    The Jackloc Company Limited has been made aware of a serious failure of a cable window restrictor, whereby a fatal fall from a window occurred in a mental health crisis house in the UK.

    The Jackloc Company are passionate about what we do and kindly ask you to visit the Department of Health https://www.cas.dh.gov.uk/ViewAndAcknowledgment/viewAlert.aspx?AlertID=102246 and open the attachment file: EFA 2014 003 Window restrictors final.pdf

    The window cable restrictor in question is NOT, and I repeat NOT a JACKLOC®, (Trade Mark) product. The Jackloc universal key lockable window restrictor was designed and first manufactured over 12 years ago with great emphasis on issues concerning health and safety.

    Jackloc, the winner of the 2007 Thomas Telford Award for Product Innovation, continually develop our specialist products. The Jackloc Company Limited strives to continue to offer innovative, quality products, and quality services. Registered and compliant to ISO 9001:2008, and members of National Association for Safety & Health in Care Services (NASHICS), The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), Universities Safety and Health Association, (USHA), Leicestershire Cares.

    In recent years a few companies have produced copy or similar products to that of Jackloc. Our motivation concept for Jackloc has always been and remains: “The price of safety cannot be measured” So please buy the right window restrictors, buy quality restrictors, not cheap alternatives. If you have any concerns, whether you are specifying or have purchased Jackloc window restrictors and suspect that the product may not be the registered Jackloc products, or have concerns of your current window restrictors are not compromised by the problem outlined in the Department of Health Alert, please contact us on telephone: + 44 (0) 1455 220616.

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