Read our guide on cat proofing windows for pet safety.

One of the things we love about cats is their curiosity. Cats love to know what’s going on, but their curiosity around windows can be fatal and so we need to consider how to keep them safe in our homes with opening windows. Although it’s often said that a cat always lands on it’s feet this isn’t always true and even if they do land on their feet they can be injured by the force of the landing.

One RSPCA branch had reports of three cats falling from windows in the space of 24 hours Caroline Allen, RSPCA London veterinary director, explains: “Cats don’t seem to have good perception of great heights and it’s possible that when distracted or playing they may fall from open windows and balconies from many floors up, which can cause serious injury and even death. We urge owners to take great care of their cats near windows and on balconies.”

Even ground floor windows can cause problems for those of us who have indoor cats because we live near busy roads or in urban areas, or because we have recently moved to an area and want the cat to get used to the house and new area before allowing them to roam.

We can’t keep our windows closed in order to keep our cats safe though. It’s important to have fresh air circulating not just in summer months to keep us comfortable, but also throughout the year to reduce the transmission of viruses such as colds, flu and Covid 19. So, how can we keep our homes comfortable and well ventilated and at the same time keep our cats safe?

Window restrictors are an ideal solution for cat proofing windows. They prevent cats from falling through windows by restricting the window opening to 100mm, so you and your cat can enjoy fresh air without the injury risk.

Benefits of window restrictors for pet proofing windows are:-

  • Can be fitted to any window type including sash, aluminium frame, tilted and Upvc windows.
  • One size fits all – no need to measure all the windows, or to choose to only make some windows safe for your cats.
  • Easy to fit – window restrictors can be fitted in just a few minutes.
  • Option to over-ride the restriction to fully open the window – if you want to open a window fully you can disengage the restriction, just make sure your cat can’t access that room while the window is open. This can be especially useful for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms that you want to fully air.
  • Aesthetically unobtrusive – a window restrictor is not readily visible and won’t detract from your windows or your view. Pet screens are highly visible.
  • Added security benefit – a strong window restrictor such as a Jackloc Titan also prevents forced entry and are child-proof.

Which window restrictor to choose for cats
All Jackloc window restrictors are suitable for cats.  You can choose from ones that have a permanent restriction in place such as the Perma cable window restrictor, key-operated window locks or a twist and push restrictors mechanism right up to the Sold Secure approved Titan steel window lock. Whichever option you choose you can relax while your cat sunbathes on your windowsill, safe in the knowledge they can’t fall.

We hope that this guide to cat proofing windows for pet safety is useful and will help keep your feline friend safe throughout the year.