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  • Jackloc Finds Key to International Success

    Jackloc is breaking into the Russian market as we continue our success abroad. Jackloc has won an export deal with Russia and has already taken an order for 3,500 of its specialist safety products. Jackloc are currently showcasing its work at the SIB Build International Construction Exhibition in Siberia. It is one of the largest such events in the country, attracting over 17,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors from 19 countries each year.

    Jackloc has already started expanding into the international market, with orders from as far afield as South Africa, Mexico, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Malaysia. News of the latest overseas deal comes at a time when many British manufacturing companies are feeling the effects of the current economic climate and the country’s export figures are falling. Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, said: “We are very pleased and proud to have secured this new deal. “We saw a six per cent increase in sales last year and we are delighted to be developing our export market in a product manufactured here in the Midlands.” Jackloc has achieved its international success with the help of advice from UK Trade & Investment, the government department which works with UK-based based businesses to ensure they succeed in international markets. International trade advisor Richard Burchell said: “We helped Jackloc with issues such as language, translation and the ways of doing business in Russia. “So they now have the experience and a model to work from which can be transferred to secure business in other countries. “We have a lot of success in helping small and medium enterprises. You don’t have to be a large business to export – you just need to have a good product and a stable company. “In fact, due to the slowdown in construction in the UK, a lot of companies who supply that sector are looking to export and spread their risk.” Jackloc recently won a contract to supply Jackloc restraints to be fitted to all windows in Leicestershire County Council’s care homes, to improve safety and security for their elderly and vulnerable residents. Jacklocs are fitted in buildings all over the world, including care homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, student accommodation and high-rise flats. For further information please contact Emma Wells or Judith Burrows on +44 (0) 1455 220616 or visit www.jackloc.ru

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