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    Window safety is of universal importance. All windows above ground floor level are a potential accident risk. The Jackloc has been designed to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of window falls. Jacklocs are universal in their application. They can be installed onto any type of window, regardless of style and material. All Jacklocs however, are not made equal. They are available in a range of different configurations to suit your requirements.

    Diversity with the Jackloc range

    The Jackloc cable window restrictor is available in three configurations.

    • Jackloc Mk2 Key-locking Window Restrictor – The most popular of our window restrictors. Available as standard footplate, two-screw covered footplate, and four-screw covered footplate, its standard cable length is 200mm and it is compatible with almost any window. The key-locking function means that opening can be controlled by a responsible adult and the window can be fully opened for ventilation and cleaning access when necessary.
    • Jackloc Push-and-Turn Window Restrictor – Available with the same footplate options as the Mk2, the push and turn release function provides easy access without the potential inconvenience of lost keys. The simple operation provides immediate access for an adult but is difficult for a child to open. It is an excellent option in case of an emergency exit being needed and has been designed for the global market.
    • Jackloc Swivel/Stud Window Restrictor – This Jackloc design provides a permanent restriction on a window’s opening capacity. It is popular in hotels, schools, and hospitals where safety is paramount and permanent window restriction is the best option.

    Jackloc Folding Window Restrictor

    The Jackloc Folding Window Restrictor is an excellent alternative to the classic Jackloc cable restrictors. It can be installed onto side and top-hung windows and is a super-secure option for window safety. It features a key-operated lock and comes with all the required installation hardware.

    All Jacklocs are available in a range of colours to suit your building’s style. They have been rigorously tested to industry safety specifications and are used in buildings across the globe. The Jackloc recently won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This is a highly respected accolade of which everyone at Jackloc are extremely proud. If you’d like more information about the best Jackloc for your situation, contact us today. Call us on +44 (0) 1455 220 616 or send us a message online.

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