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  • National Window Safety Week 2016

    Window safety week

    3rd April – 9th April 2016 was National Window Safety Week in the United States, however, its important safety messages are beneficial worldwide. Poor window safety results in deaths around the world.


    United States Window Fall Statistics

    Window safety is something that is often forgotten and as a result, window falls account for approximately 8 deaths and 3,300 injuries among children ages 5 and under annually, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

    But all it takes is a small change to save lives. In New York City and Boston, education and window guard distribution programs resulted in a 96 percent reduction in the incidence of window falls over 10 years.*

    Window Safety Is Applicable Everywhere

    While safety starts at home, there are many places that require enhanced window safety. Educational establishments from kindergarten to colleges benefit from some form of fall safety device on all windows to reduce the risk of falling out of windows. Care homes for the elderly also benefit from window safety devices, reducing vulnerable adults from falling out of windows, but also from escaping out of windows - it is critically important.

    Hotels and holiday resorts also have a responsibility to keep their guests safe and most hotels in the UK and USA restrict how far their windows open for safety purposes.

    Top Window Safety Tips

    • Keep windows closed and locked when young children are present.
    • When opening a window, always try to use one that is out of a child's reach.
    • As the above points are not always possible, fit window safety devices (window restrictors, stoppers or guards), such as the Jackloc cable window stopper to your windows (see more detail below).
    • Ensure window materials are not decaying timber, corroding steel or other material that are in disrepair, making sure window restrictors are securely fixed to good conditioned windows.
    • Making sure the window opening is not greater than 100mm (4 inches) or a maximum opening of 89mm to prevent the passage of a small children in accordance to BS EN 13126- 5.
    • Remember that insect screens are not designed for window safety and you shouldn't rely on them to prevent a fall.
    • Keep furniture away from windows. Children and vulnerable adults can use furniture and other large homely items to climb up to windows.
    • Cords hanging from window blinds can cause strangulation – fit a safety device to keep the cords fitted tightly to the wall, or perform a retrofit.

    Fall Reduction Devices

    There are a number of fall reduction devices on the market, and it is important to choose one that has been rigorously tested for its safety. Unfortunately, there are often cheap and untested devices that are available on online and offline marketplaces. These cheap alternatives can potentially be unsafe, so it's very important that you identify quality products using our pointers:

    • Do some online research, is the window safety device made by an established company?
    • Has the device been thoroughly tested to strict safety guidelines?
    • Has the device been endorsed by any public authority or health and safety organization?
    • Has the safety device won awards for innovation for the product?

    Jackloc Cable Window Stopper

    Jackloc produce the original cable window stopper, which has benefited from years of design, development and testing. Jackloc is made to comply with a number of strict UK and European safety rules. In addition, the Jackloc product has been approved by The City of New York Health and Hygiene Department – Window Guard Policy and Acceptance Board – in conjunction with Schuco USA. Fore more details on the Jackloc product, click here.

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    *Source: Harris VA, Rochette LM, Smith GA. Pediatric injuries attributable to falls from windows in the United States in 1990 -2008. Pediatrics. 2011. 128(3): 455-462.

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