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  • Don't Be Caught Out: Fines for Safety Failings Fervent

    Our most recent news update outlined the newly released HTM 55 Health and Safety Alert, a serious warning that instructs all healthcare organisations to make sure they have taken the correct measures to reassess their properties and ensure there is minimal fall danger throughout the facilities.

    This of course, chiefly concerns window restrictors and their durability, ensuring that even when a grown adult is forcefully trying to sabotage the restrictor’s efforts, as was the case highlighted in the HTM 55, they remain in place. Not doing so can leave your patients vulnerable, and susceptible to more needless harm which can lead to crippling fines and yet further expense for your organization, as one Suffolk-based hospital has been on the receiving end of just this month. It seems the hospital in question didn’t have appropriate window restrictor devices in place when one its patients woke in a state of confusion and made a bid to escape through a bay window by climbing on a nearby chair. As the patient scrambled through it, she fell three metres and suffered a broken vertebra and a punctured lung; something that could have been ‘entirely avoided’ had window locks or restrictors been installed. The HSE proceeded with an investigation into the incident and found that risk management in regards to falls from windows was wholly inadequate; a thorough inspection led to yet more instances of lapse window safety including one in the children’s ward, where there were in fact restrictors in place, however they were not tamperproof. “Had suitable window restrictor been provided”, said HSE inspector Nicola Jaynes, “she would not have been able to open the window wide enough to fall out.” Don’t find yourself in a situation where a lack of attention to window restrictors has caused a patient to be hurt! Similarly, inadequate window locks will lead to similar such incidents whereby the restrictors are broken or nudged loose. So how can all this be avoided? Here at Jackloc, we understand the imperative importance of safety, and as such, we’ve designed our restrictors to be fully compliant, incomparably strong, robust and tamperproof, easy to install and affordable as well. Give us a call today to find out how we can ensure your windows are an integral component of the safe haven that is your healthcare property.

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