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    Jackloc's Contribution to Leicester's Crime Prevention Reached Five-Year Landmark

    A Shropshire domestic safety product supplier recently celebrated five years of trading with a city council community initiative, a relationship that has seen the company make a positive contribution to crime and burglary reduction in Leicester.

    Telford based Jackloc Company Ltd first approached Leicester City Council (LCC) in 2003 with the aim of introducing its Jackloc™ window restrictor, originally designed to stop young children from falling out of wide-open, second-storey windows or above. However, the council had secured a series of funding streams through SRB (Single Regeneration Budget) and NRF (Neighbourhood Renewal Fund) to undertake crime prevention projects. Mick Carr, who has worked on LCC’s crime and community safety initiative for the past seven years, explains: “Organisers of our first scheme CRASH (Crime Reduction and Safer Homes) were seeking a number of solutions to secure residential property for council tenants or private home owners, in specific areas throughout Leicester. Jackloc’s timely arrival complemented the range of products we were looking to install. Since then LCC has undertaken additional projects under guidance from and in cooperation with Leicestershire Constabulary’s crime prevention unit, fitting Jacklocs as part of a total security package in residential homes, sheltered accommodation and hostels, as well as helping young families through the Sure Start scheme. The product has brought relief to vulnerable elderly people in particular, who were worried about opening their windows for fear of burglary, even during the daytime. As a result, the window restrictor allowed fresh air to circulate through the house during spells of hot weather whilst at the same time providing them with peace of mind.” Deborah Allbutt, MD at The Jackloc Company Ltd, said: “LCC are a superb advocate for Jackloc and the work Mick and his team are doing is setting a precedent for other councils to follow. The feedback received through LCC’s customer surveys, where 98% of people with Jacklocs fitted felt safer, has resulted in us promoting the additional security feature of the product.“

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