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  • Jackloc and Thunderbirds Creator Are Go

    JACKLOC, the Leicestershire based company, have been working with the family behind the iconic 1960s Thunderbirds TV series, to promote safety in the home. The show’s co-creator Sylvia Anderson, also the voice of Lady Penelope, has endorsed the company: “It’s a natural synergy and one that is close to my heart,” she said.

    “As Jackloc is a family-run business whose first focus is to help keep families safe.” Her daughter Dee has also produced a promotional video with the two sisters who run The Jackloc Company, Judith Burrows and Emma Wells. The video was filmed at London’s prestigious St James Court Hotel, which has the Jackloc cable window restraints fitted to its windows. It was a timely tie-up with the new Thunderbirds film which was released at the beginning of this month, 50 years after the first Thunderbirds episode was aired. Jackloc Director Judith Burrows said: “It’s been really FAB working with Sylvia and Dee. Thunderbirds is all about international rescue and we’re all about international safety so there’s a real strong link. Sylvia still receives messages from all over the world from children and adults saying that their lives have transformed by her programmes, and similarly Judith and Emma are in the business of saving lives. “With the 50th anniversary of the show this month, it’s an exciting time to be working together and have their expertise on board for the video will help spread our very important message.” See what Sylvia Anderson has to say about Jackloc on her website, www.Glotime.tv, in association with Glotime radio.

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