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  • Jackloc Creates New Retro Lock to Save Lives in Style

    A leading Leicestershire company has created a new retro-look window lock to combine safety with style. Jackloc-clear3 Jackloc, which exports its unique window and door restrictors all over the world, has come up with the new transparent design to fit in with the modern trend for a more stripped-down, utilitarian look to fixtures and fittings.

    The lock has all the features of existing Jacklocs but has a chrome finish with a transparent sleeve to reveal the metal cable beneath. It was produced after two hotels in Dubai, the Armani and the Address, asked Jackloc for a purely polished chrome lock, rather than coloured metal or plastic, to fit in with the modern décor in their rooms. Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, said: “Improving safety and reducing the risk of falls from windows is still the driving force behind our work. “But, with this new retro-style product, we can cater for different modern trends and tastes. It is vital now, with people’s increasing interest in interior design, to provide a product that can fit in with this environment. “By appealing to modern tastes, we hope to appeal to a wider range of customers, and thereby help save more lives. “We believe this new product could open up a whole new market, offering a design which fits in with a variety of settings – whether the rustic charm of a cottage, the minimalist chic of a contemporary apartment or the characterful features of a renovated Victorian home. “Safe does not have to mean dull or stuffy – the new retro lock combines style with substance, making safety more appealing. “We are really excited by this idea, which has been suggested by hoteliers in the Middle East. It’s not only potentially a huge deal but it really opens up the way in which we design our new products moving forward.” Family-run firm Jackloc, which created the first window restrictor of its kind 10 years ago, also recently unveiled a new ‘push-and-turn’ design which doesn’t need a key to lock it into position or release it. It has generated massive interest from hotels at popular holiday resorts worldwide, where holiday makers’ safety is paramount. Jacklocs are already produced in a range of colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, gold, satin/polished chrome and bronze. They can also be tailor-made in corporate colours for hotels and other businesses. The locks are used to improve safety and security in buildings such as care homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, student accommodation and high-rise flats across the globe, including Arabia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. They comprise a flexible cable between a window or door and its frame, restricting how far it can be opened to 10cm. Jacklocs can be fitted to any type of window or door, whether wooden, metal or uPVC.

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