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  • Window Restrictors are an Integral Part of Health and Safety

    Whilst potentially not the first thing you think of when considering health and safety within a building, window restrictors in fact have a highly important role to play. From schools to care homes and hotels to commercial establishments, window restrictors eliminate the risk of accidents arising due to windows opening too far, and therefore make sure the health and safety of all those in the vicinity isn’t compromised.


    The hotel industry is booming and it has therefore become vitally important for owners to equip the setting with the very best safety measures to ensure the welfare of all guests. One aspect of this is the introduction of window restrictors so guests can enjoy a room with a view or a room on a higher floor without the risk of a fall from an open window.


    At school, the welfare of students is one of the main priorities and as it is practically impossible to keep an eye on all pupils at all times, the safety precautions you install have a huge role to play. Window restrictors can allow fresh air to enter the classroom whilst also eliminating the risk of a particularly adventurous youngster taking a tumble out of the open window as the teacher is concentrating on another member of the class.


    Care homes ensure the wellbeing of our elderly population, but are also locations where sufficient safety measures have to be taken. Window restrictors enable an elderly resident to open the window in their room just enough to allow some fresh air in but not far enough so that they have to stretch to close the window again and then risk taking a tumble or falling through the open gap. Whilst you might believe the risks associated with falling from an open window to be relatively small, it is always best to eliminate the risk altogether, and the installation of window restrictors can effectively achieve this. Here at Jackloc, we are experienced suppliers of window restrictors to improve levels of health and safety at all manner of settings, so get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you.

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