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  • Leicestershire Firm Saves Lives in Abu Dhabi

    Safety specialist firm, Jackloc, which has seen unprecedented UK and overseas growth during the past couple of years, is now strengthening its presence in the United Arab Emirates. The Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi The Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi The Leicestershire family-run company is supplying its unique award-winning window restrictors to Burjeel Hospital, a seven star leading healthcare provider in Abu Dhabi.

    Burjeel is the first private tertiary hospital to be opened following the new standards put in place by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), and is accredited by the Joint Commission International USA, the golden seal of quality. Three hundred Jacklocs have been used to improve safety and security at the hospital. The simple, but very strong, Jackloc restricts how far windows can be opened by using a flexible cable attachment. This reduces the risk of falls from open windows, helping to maintain the strict standards of safety required in a care environment. The Jackloc has been approved by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), a government board of regulators which ensures that global quality standards are met. Jackloc first began exporting to the United Arab Emirates in 2012 following a new Decree governing window safety. The Department of Municipal Affairs ordered that all windows and other openings in residential buildings must be restricted after a number of children died in falls from high rise tower blocks. The robust Jackloc restraint has been expertly engineered to fit all types of wooden, metal or UPVC window frames. A cable connects the opening window to its frame so that it can only be opened to a certain degree. This can be released using a key-operated lock if needed. Jackloc is enjoying global success and now exports as far afield as Australia, Mexico, South Africa and Malaysia. Haridas Chungath from Burjeel Hospital commented: “We are pleased with the Jacklocs which are very satisfactory for improving safety.” Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, added: “We have seen our family-run business grow beyond expectations across the world over the last few years. Our ethos remains “the price of safety cannot be measured” and I am delighted that the Burjeel Hospital recognised the importance of high quality window restrictors and identified, and chose the “Jackloc” brand to achieve this. Supplying Jacklocs to this leading hospital in Abu Dhabi means we are reducing the risk of even more injuries and deaths. By continued expansion throughout the United Arab Emirates we aim to raise awareness of the risk of falls from windows and highlight the importance of restricting windows.”

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