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  • Jackloc Helps Save Children's Lives in Arabia

    Jackloc will soon be exporting its unique lock – a cable which restricts the opening of doors and windows – to Abu Dhabi. Exhibiting at the World EcoConstruct exhibition are (left to right) Ali Sekhr and Mohammed Sekhr, from ICA, Emma Wells and Judith Burrows, from Jackloc and Riath Hamed, from ICA.

    It follows the death of a number of children over the last year who have fallen from high-rise tower blocks in the city, which has prompted a decree by the Department of Municipal Affairs that all windows and other openings on residential buildings must be restricted. Following the legislation, which was passed in March, government consultant Ali Sekhr – a partner in Intellectual Capital Arabia (ICA) – contacted Jackloc as a leader in its field to sign a deal to distribute locks to the United Arab Emirates. Representatives from both companies recently exhibited the product at the World EcoConstruct exhibition – an international showcase for pioneering products – in Abu Dhabi, generating enormous interest. Emma Wells, Director of Jackloc, said: “The new decree in Abu Dhabi says that windows and openings on residential buildings must not open wider than 10cm. “Jackloc is the ideal restrictor for the job, allowing people to open their windows to let fresh air in, but preventing anyone from being able to fall out. “We are pleased to be playing our part in helping to save lives by supplying Jacklocs and educating families, particularly with young children, about the importance of such safety measures. “Intellectual Capital Arabia shares our belief and passion to make people aware of the dangers of unrestricted windows. Our ethos has always been ‘the price of safety cannot be measured’.” Mr Sekhr, a former building controls officer and government consultant in Dubai, said: “Twelve children died in Abu Dhabi after falling out of windows in high-rise blocks last year. The heartache those families are going through has really brought home to me the need for something to be done. “I started researching products which could help prevent these tragic, needless deaths, and discovered Jackloc. It is an established, well-respected company producing an excellent product – tried, tested and trusted – which is just what I was looking for. “The World EcoConstruct exhibition was tremendous. The Jackloc team were fantastic and there was lots of interest throughout the four days. “But this is just the start. We appreciate that laws are not enough and that there is a need to educate people in Abu Dhabi about the dangers of open windows and how they can save children’s lives by fitting restrictors.” Jacklocs are used to improve safety and security in buildings such as care homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, student accommodation and high-rise flats all over the world, including Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

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