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  • An Education in Window Locks

    Commercial premises are always required to keep up to certain health and safety standards. Rightfully so, the list is rigorous and is designed to protect the regular users and visitors of the building from being involved in an accident, and this in turn protects the owner of the premises. Safety standards are something that should be at the forefront of the mind of anybody who is looking after other people in a building they are responsible for.

    All this may be most relevant, in a school or a place of education. Whether it’s a university, a college, or a primary school; any such concentration of young adults or children is a hive of potential health and safety breaches whereby every box must be ticked and every possible measure taken to try and ensure an accident, for whatever reason, does not occur. In these sprawling buildings and complexes that sometimes stretch as far up as they do across, it can seem impossible to keep track of everything that is happening in the grounds all at once. Windows are an ever present source of danger, especially from a certain height; and whilst you can’t possibly oversee every window in the building, you can ensure that they are as safely secured as they can be. Attaching a window restrictor to each will instill the confidence in staff and Heads alike that the people and children using their facilities on a daily basis are safe, and no window related falls or accidents can happen! It’s an invaluable feeling, to be able to assuredly mark one more potential hazard off the list, without having to ensure perpetual maintenance of every window, and in a situation such as this one, wherein the safety of the pupils and students always comes first, it is simply the easiest and securest option available! So give us at Jackloc call today on +44(0)1455 220616 no matter what your situation, no matter how big or small your building or educational complex is, we can supply you with the means to make it safe!

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