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  • 3 modern technologies that make a home safer for families

    This week marks Child Safety Week 2018, which aims to raise essential awareness of accidents that children are particularly at risk from and how to proactively prevent them. This years' theme is 'Safe Children: together we've got this!' Are you aware that 44% of all children’s accidents in the home are caused by falls? Followed by fire related accidents and then choking. So, we thought we'd make the most of this theme by compiling 3 modern technologies that will make your family home safer this summer.

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    Burn Prevention

    With 60% of residential fires starting in the kitchen, how can you prevent little hands from messing around with cooking appliances? Smart stove guards are handy pieces of kit, that automatically cut off the electricity supply to the cooker through motion sensors. Controlled via your smart phone and suitable for most electric cookers, they can also detect when a cooker has been abandoned. You can even set up alerts that notify you when the cooker has been switched on; proactively preventing accidental fires of burns in the home.

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    Window Fall Prevention

    Nationally, one child under five is admitted to hospital every day after falling from a building - often from open windows, as well as from balconies. With this in mind, the summer season is particularly hazardous for children. What's the natural thing to do when it's hot outside? Open the window to allow the air to circulate, of course! Jackloc supplies the ultimate in child safety prevention, by helping to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by falls from windows throughout the world. Easy to fit on all types of windows, our proactive restrictor reduces the risk of falls from open windows by only allowing them to be opened to a safe degree. Perfect for family homes, they’re also ideal for nurseries and schools too. The Child Accident Prevention Trust even recommends that parents fit window catches, locks or restrictors that prevent windows from opening too wide.

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    Accident Prevention

    Somehow, children have an inquisitive knack of accessing areas you never thought possible and getting into a whole heap of trouble within a few seconds flat! Smart keyless door locks can easily prevent children from accessing dangerous areas of the home. Lock the door with an easy swipe of your smart phone over the lock, it's that simple!

    Jackloc's contribution to Leicester's accident prevention has gone a long way in reducing childhood accidents via window falls, throughout the area and right across Britain. Our innovative window safety catches are now internationally renowned for offering peace of mind against the risk of falls, as well as breaking and entering through windows. So, if you’d like to secure your family home with our internationally acclaimed window restrictor whilst doing your bit for Child Safety Week at the same time then call us on +44 (0) 1455 220 616 or send us a message online. By using Jackloc to keep your children safe; together we've got this!

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