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  • What to consider when sourcing window restrictors for uPVC windows

    Window restrictors save lives. By restricting a window’s opening capacity, window falls can be avoided. Window restrictors don’t need to be an integral part of the window’s construction. They can easily and securely be retro-fitted to all types of window. When you want a universal window restrictor, look no further than Jackloc.

    Jackloc window restrictors have been used in buildings around the world. From hotels and hospitals to homes and offices; they have prevented window falls, saving countless lives in the process. When you’re sourcing window restrictors for uPVC, timber, aluminium, or steel windows, there are several things to consider.

    uPVC window restrictor from Jackloc

    Jackloc window restrictors can be fitted to any type and material of window. As a uPVC window restrictor, they won’t be beaten. uPVC window restrictors should be:

    • In line with ISO (International Standardization Organization) standards
    • Recognised and accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Body)
    • Available with custom cable length
    • Designed for ease of installation
    • Suitable for locking or fixed operation

    Jackloc window restrictors meet all these criteria and much more. Have a look at our Technical section for more detailed information on Jackloc’s testing standards.

    A global reputation for safety

    There are lots of window restrictors on the market. There are none, however, with a worldwide reputation to match Jackloc. Jackloc has been used in buildings around the world. From international hotel chains to hospitals and schools, the Jackloc has seen unrivalled success. From Europe to Asia, Jackloc’s customers are as diverse as the buildings in which they are used.

    As an internationally renowned product, Jackloc has needed to meet stringent international regulations for window safety. This has obliged us to create a product which is the most high-performing on the market and has been tested to the most rigorous safety standards. When it comes to preventing accidents, there’s no room for error. With its excellent reputation and secure design, Jackloc continues to grow into the go-to product for window safety.

    uPVC window restrictor solutions

    Whether you’re the owner of a chain of hotels, you run a thriving B & B, you’re part of a construction project or commercial installation, or a homeowner with uPVC windows; Jackloc can protect your building’s occupants or users from potentially tragic window falls. The Jackloc isn’t just compatible with uPVC windows. It can be easily installed onto timber, steel, and aluminium windows, making it the most versatile window restrictor available.

    The Jackloc has recently won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This is testament to the quality and universal compatibility of the Jackloc. The prestigious award is a great achievement of which everyone at Jackloc are extremely proud. For more information about Jackloc call +44 (0)1455 220 616 or send us a message online.

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