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  • Cable window restrictors vs. non-cable window restrictors

    At Jackloc, we are serious about safety.  Our original window restrictors have been used in buildings around the world.  They are designed to prevent window related accidents and reduce the risk of falls.  From large public sector buildings, like schools and hospitals, to privately owned homes and small businesses; Jackloc can significantly reduce the risk of serious accidents.

    The best in window safety

    In the window safety industry, there’s lots of discussion on the best methods of making your windows as safe as possible.  The two most common devices are cable window restrictors like Jackloc and metal restrictor stays.  Both products are great, in that they aim to reduce window falls and improve a building’s safety; but which one is best?  Let’s take a closer look.

    Cable window restrictors features:

    • Compatible with any type and material of window
    • Key lock, push and turn, or permanently fixed options
    • 200mm strong plastic coated steel cable
    • Universal fixing
    • Tested to BS EN standards

    Metal restrictor stays features

    • Fits inside Eurogroove opening on uPVC window
    • Restricts outward opening to 100mm (standard restriction)
    • Left and right hand variants
    • Automatically clicks into restricted opening when window is opened
    • Capable of complying with BS EN standards

    Jackloc never compromise on safety

    A metal restrictor stay is a good safety option and of course, it’s better than no restrictor.  It can however, be forced open much more easily than a cable window restrictor.  Jackloc cable window restrictors are strong and reliable and are available in a variety of cable lengths and different colours.  They have an excellent reputation and are now an ubiquitous feature in buildings around the globe.

    When you want the best in window safety contact Jackloc.  Call us on +44(0) 1455 220 616 or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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