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Providing peace of mind

When you invest in a Jackloc window restrictor, you can be assured that you are getting the safest and strongest product in the market.

Any window that opens poses a risk of accidental falls, and fitting a window restrictor reduces that risk. We have designed our award-winning Jackloc window restrictors to be the strongest and the safest in the marketplace, exceeding safety guidelines and all quality standards.

We strive to provide peace of mind for all of our customers. We want to make a difference and to make windows safer. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our product range, our experience and our ethos, and let us know how we can help you to make your windows safer.

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Jackloc® Commercial Use

Our award-winning Jackloc range of products discretely add safety and security to windows in all environments, from Care Homes to office blocks.

  • Strong

    Strength tested to withstand a force of up to 74 stone

  • Made in the UK

    Designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in the UK

  • Award winning

    Winner of Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Jackloc® For the home

Our Jackloc window restrictors are designed to keep children safe from falls and to provide peace of mind for parents.

  • Strong

    Can withstand a force of 74 stone

  • Secure

    Made with reinforced steel parts to keep intruders out

  • Made in Britain

    Designed, manufactured and built in the UK

Why Jackloc®

  • Quality driven

    We abide by quality to produce the strongest restrictors in the market

  • Market-leaders

    Window restrictors are our pure focus

  • Proven

    Our restrictors are individually tested to exceed regulations

  • Award-winning

    We have won many awards including the Queen's Award for Innovation and Enterprise

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