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Welcome to the Jackloc Company Ltd.

Window Restrictors designed to improve safety

The original Jackloc window restrictors are known for their strength, having been tested at length for their safety and security, far exceeding the requirements of both British and European safety standards. These dynamic window restrictors can be fitted on any type of window and any type of material, meaning that they can be used by absolutely anyone looking to increase the safety and security of their property. Designed to increase the safety and security of all windowed properties, the window restrictors from Jackloc are available in an array of different colours and design, suiting any application they are installed on.

Cable Window Restrictors suitable for all windows

The cable and window restrictors from Jackloc are incredibly versatile, and consequently are suitable for the home, public properties, and commercial appliance. The original Jackloc cable window restrictors, with a five disc locking barrel, help safeguard and improve the safety of any building. Perfect for buildings such as care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities, hospitals, the cable window restrictors are ideal for all any properties looking for safe and secure windows. Once fitted, the cable window restrictors are immovable, improving the safety, along with the security and the overall reliability of the restrictor. Currently a fixture in many hotels nationwide, the cable window restrictor from Jackloc is a window fixture which can be relied on. At Jackloc Company Ltd, which has been publicly registed since September 2003, we believe "the price of safety cannot be measured". For more information about the original, universal Jackloc window and door restrictors please contact the Jackloc Company Ltd today.

At the Jackloc Company Ltd, we believe "the price of safety cannot be measured" - for more information on our window locks and restrictors, please contact us today.

  • Universal window and door restrictors
  • For increased safety and security
  • Suitable for each type of window or door
  • Can be fitted to all materials
  • Option of key lockable
  • New product Push and Turn release Jackloc
  • Option of permanent fixed 200mm cable
  • Vast range of different finishes and colours
  • Can be produced to any length
  • ISO 9001 2008
  • Awarded Thomas Telford Award for Innovation
  • Tested to BS EN 13126-5:2011
  • Tested to BS EN14351-1:2006 and Salt Spray Test in accordance with ASTM.B117-07 & Evaluated to BS EN 1670:2007
  • Approved by The City of New York Health and Hygiene Department – Window Guard Policy and Acceptance Board – in conjunction with Schuco USA.
  • Approved by Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council
  • Corporate responsibility - Leicestershire Cares, UK
  • Intellectual Property Rights granted

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