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  • Sash window restrictors: Upgrading the safety of heritage buildings

    Heritage buildings are subject to all manner of regulatory requirements. Large public period buildings such as town halls, stately homes, and heritage hotels must meet stringent health and safety regulations to ensure all occupants and visitors are protected. Strict rules also govern private residential heritage homes, usually related to planning permission rights and renovation regulations.

    The vast majority of heritage buildings are fitted with sash windows. Popular throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, their sliding opening system provides a wide opening capacity, excellent for ventilation and increasing air flow. Although sash windows are convenient in many ways and are an attractive part of many period properties, their wide opening can present a danger.

    Sash window restrictors from Jackloc

    The Jackloc window restrictor is compatible with any type of window. Casement, sash, tilt and turn; when it comes to window safety, the Jackloc is truly universal. The type of material your windows are made from is also no barrier to the Jackloc. They are equally suited to installation on uPVC, timber, aluminium, or steel windows.

    For sliding sash windows, we recommend a key operated Jackloc. A sash window is designed for wide opening. With this in mind, safety restrictors should be key operated to allow for full opening when required. Once the room has been aired, the key can then be stored safely away from the window and used when needed.

    The perfect colour to complement your property’s style

    Heritage buildings have a unique character all of their own. When you want to install a window restrictor without detracting from a building’s period character, the Jackloc can be customised to suit your specifications.

    Jacklocs are available in a wide range of different colours. Choose a low-key brown or black to subtly blend with natural timber windows. If your sash windows are painted white or a more distinctive colour; the Jackloc is available in every primary colour plus a choice of stylish metallic effect finishes.

    When you want to ensure that your heritage building is safe from preventable window falls, install a Jackloc. Winner of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, The Jackloc has been installed in buildings around the world. For more information call +44 (0) 1455 220 616 or contact us online.

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